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West Virginia Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in West Virginia

West Virginia Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in West Virginia
July 31, 2022

In West Virginia, mugshots are commonly included in an offender’s criminal or arrest records. They are typically taken by law enforcement agencies during processing, and their appearance usually suggests that the subject has fallen foul of one law or the other.


If you’re wondering whether mugshots are accessible in West Virginia, the short answer is yes.


The state’s Freedom of Information Act regards to arrest and criminal records as public records, and public records are to be made available to members of the public upon request. What are your options when you need to quickly find someone’s mugshot in West Virginia? That’s what we explain in this article.


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Make Your Search on Third-Party Websites


If you want to search unofficially or you’d prefer to avoid having to deal with the hassles associated with dealing with government agencies, using a background search platform (or third-party website) may appeal to you.


These platforms can access a wide variety of databases, using open-access records, government records, and online resources to gather often detailed information on people in the US.


You may be charged a small access fee to use these platforms, but their offered ease, convenience, and promptness make them worth their fees. 


How Can You Access Mugshot From Third-Party Websites?


One of the biggest advantages offered by third-party websites is how easy their platforms are to use.


You can perform a search on their websites by simply providing the name (plus a few other details, if available) of your subject and clicking the “search” button.


The search button, plus text boxes are easily identifiable, placed strategically on their home pages.


Once you hit “search”, the system takes a few moments to check its database for matching records, then displays the records of subjects with details that match the information you provided. You may then click on any result to reveal more information.


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Running Through West Virginia Arrest Records


The state’s Freedom of Information Act stipulates that arrest records in the state are accessible by members of the public.


Arrest records in West Virginia provide information relating to the offense committed, as well as these other details:


* Name and aliases of the arrested person

* Physical descriptions or other identifying markings

* Date of birth

* Age

* Fingerprints

* Photograph

* Race

* Details of the arrest

*Status of the case


Arrestee mugshots are integral parts of arrest records in West Virginia, making arrest records an excellent way to obtain mugshots in West Virginia.


How Can You Procure West Virginia Arrest Records?


According to the state's Freedom of Information Act, arrest records in West Virginia are accessible to the public.


Arrest records are generated and maintained by each local police station or sheriff's office. The WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority is the official repository for public arrest records.


For individuals interested in finding free arrest records, the WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority offers an online platform. A person interested in performing an arrest record search may also visit their local police station or sheriff's office.


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Searching West Virginia Criminal Records


A criminal record usually consists of details about an individual's arrests, convictions, and jail time (past and present).


As well as providing information about probation and parole, it also provides a description of the individual's physical characteristics. The sort of information and specifics offered in criminal records may differ depending on the type of records presented.


Compared to an in-depth criminal record, a general criminal record may contain fewer details. It may also differ depending on the jurisdiction.


Steps to Obtaining West Virginia Criminal Records


Criminal justice agencies maintain, collect, and access criminal records according to their standards and systems.


Having said that, the West Virginia State Police is primarily responsible for storing criminal records across the state. One can obtain a police record online, in person, or by mail.


People looking for West Virginia criminal records can go to their local county sheriff's offices or go to courthouses for on-demand court documents.


You may also check with the West Virginia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for criminal records. These state-run facilities will offer criminal records at a low cost.


Third-party websites can also be used to obtain a free public criminal record check in the state of West Virginia.


The accuracy and completeness of such free criminal records, on the other hand, cannot be assured. It's best to ask the record custodian for a fee waiver or pay the search cost.


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Procuring West Virginia Inmate Records


Correctional institutions and facilities in West Virginia, at various levels, maintain detailed records of inmates in the system.


All of West Virginia's correctional institutions and facilities are controlled by the West Virginia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which provides public access to information about inmates which are not prohibited by law.


How You Can Get West Virginia Inmate Records


The West Virginia Department of Corrections (WV DCR) has an online platform where people can search for inmates.


Inmate and jail records contain information about people who have been incarcerated in county jails around West Virginia, as well as state prisons and criminal rehabilitation centers under the control of the West Virginia Department of Corrections.


On the WV DCR's website, interested parties can conduct an offender search and see a list of absconders and escapees, as well as information on people who were admitted into custody on the day of the search.

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