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How To Background Check Your Upcoming Date

How To Background Check Your Upcoming Date
April 13, 2022

How To Background Check Your Upcoming Date

The internet is alive with loads of possibilities and advantages, for your career, life, health, and even relationships. Online dating is one of the most common ways to find a life partner these days, and apparently, couples who meet online are slightly happier than couples who meet through other conventional methods.

Yet, there are as many chilling, spine-tingling tales of online dating gone awry as there are of heartwarming online relationships. Online creeps are even creepier than real-life ones, and apart from those who would toy with your emotions and attempt to cheat you of your money, there are genuine sociopaths out there with far more sinister motives.

Guarantee your emotional and physical safety by running a background check on your upcoming date beforehand. Whether they're someone you know fairly well or not at all, use the following methods to find out details about them.

1.Use a Search Engine

A good place to start your investigations is to pass their name through any of the popular search engines. It's quick, convenient, and easy, and with this, you can find out if your intended date has any notable record. At the very least, search engine results can help verify that they're who they say they are.

You may also use Google's reverse image search feature to glean more information about the person, such as their social media handles. And if the image turns out to be a stock photo, you can reach your own conclusions, or attempt to find out why they lied about something like that.

2.Check Their Social Media

People reveal a whole lot of details about themselves and their lives on their social media pages. Apart from that, a person's social media accounts can tell you a lot about them; their temperament, their orientations and affiliations; and if they have big secret parts of their lives they haven't told you about yet, like a child.

Of all the social media apps, Facebook is the place where people tend to feel more relaxed and natural, which makes it the best place to start. Of course, there's bound to be tons of results for any search, so you should try to narrow it down by including a few details about the person, like their full name and general address.

Scroll through the results until something familiar turns up.

3.Third-party Background Checks

If something about your intended date is cranking up your spidey senses to high alert, run a background check on them.

A background check is a comprehensive way to look up someone online and will provide you with additional information to work with. You can expect to learn about a person's criminal, financial, job, and educational backgrounds during a background check, among other things.

If your intended date uses an alias (or used to use an alias) that you do not know of, a background check can help uncover it. Knowing these aliases can help you investigate criminal records (if there are any) that the person wants to keep away from you.

Background checks can be done by third-party companies or by you. You should know that you might not have access to all of the information, and doing it alone may take longer. You might also need to go to your local courtroom to look up their criminal history and other documents.

4.Check Their LinkedIn Profile

Are you uncertain about the information that they provided about their job? Perhaps something about what they said doesn't sit right with you, or you feel they're not forthcoming with the whole truth.

A quick LinkedIn check can clear your doubts. Being a professional website, people are less likely to supply wrong information on their LinkedIn profile, which makes it a great place to verify your date's age, level of education, and work history.

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