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Inmate Search in Washington: How to Find Inmates in the State of Washington

Inmate Search in Washington: How to Find Inmates in the State of Washington
August 8, 2022

Whether you’re a concerned relative or friend or a victim, finding inmates in any correctional facility can be tricky if you don’t know how to go about your search.

However, in this guide, we’ve explained a few effective methods of finding inmates and inmate records in Washington.

The Washington State Department of Corrections regulates access to inmates (and inmate records) who are being held in prisons in the state.

On the other hand, jails in the state are maintained by the counties in which they’re located. Thankfully, the WA DOC and county jail authorities maintain and offer public access to online databases of inmate records in the state.

Inmate Records In Washington: What are They?

A Washington inmate record contains information related to someone involved with the criminal justice system.

Typically, the record starts with an arrest report and proceeds to court records once the person has been charged and convicted. At the point of booking into a jail or prison, it may include facility records as well.

These records contain non-confidential biographic information about criminals, such as their names, ages, races, and genders, as well as mugshots of them.

Additionally, these documents offer administrative details regarding the offenses committed by offenders, their incarceration, and their release from jails and prisons.

According to the Washington Public Records Act, anyone with an interest can obtain inmate records.

You can officially find inmates in Washington by using the Washington State Department of Corrections inmate search tool.

You may also visit the WA DOC headquarters to make your search in person. Other official ways of finding inmates in Washington include accessing the federal prisoners and detainees database, checking the sex offender registry, or using the WA VINE service.

How Do I Find Inmates In Wyoming Prisons?

The Washington State Department of Corrections (WA DOC) supervises state prisons in Washington, along with the records of prisoners incarcerated in them.

The WA DOC provides an inmate locator tool with which members of the public can easily find inmates (and inmate records) in each of the correctional facilities which they maintain. 

To use the WA DOC's inmate search tool, visit the department's website and locate the Washington Inmate Search page.

There's already a list of people currently incarcerated in the state's prison system on this page, but if your search subject is not among them, you can proceed to use the search tool.

In the provided boxes, input the inmate's DOC number or their first and last name, then click the "search" button. 

The website will bring up a list of inmates with details matching the information you provided. Results typically include a link to the jail, prison, or penitentiary page and the location of the offender.

By selecting the "Register to be alerted" link, you can examine a basic custody record and sign up to get notifications of any changes to the Washington inmate's status, such as parole hearings or release.

Alternatively, you may pay a visit to the WA DOC headquarters during business hours, only on weekdays at:

7345 Linderson Way Southwest

P.O. Box 41100

Olympia, WA 98504-1100

Can I Use a Third-Party Platform?

According to the Washington Public Records Act, inmate records are public records. Third-party websites include these records in their databases, and for a small fee, you may perform inmate searches on their platforms.

Having said that, quite a few of these websites also offer free access to records on their databases. 

To use these websites, simply provide the name (and a few other details as requested) of your subject and initiate the search by clicking the "search" button placed after the text boxes.

Wait a few moments for the system to browse its database, then, once it has displayed its results, click on any of them to reveal more information. 

How do I Search for Inmates in Washington Jails?

Inmates whose records cannot be found on the WA DOC database are most likely being held in county jails.

You can find county or city jail inmates by checking the respective county or city website. 

In Washington, the majority of counties and cities have inmate locators on their websites to help members of the public locate inmates in their jails.

Some also post frequently updated inmate rosters or jail registries. These lists include the names of detainees who are currently being held as well as details about them such as their ages, sexes, and inmate numbers.

To find inmates in Washington jails, log on to the county website and locate the local law enforcement agency pages. On the web page, look for the county jail or inmate roster. 

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the Washington Public Records Act, locating inmates in any of the state's correctional facilities is pretty straightforward.

You can find inmates online through the WA DOC's inmate search tool, or through third-party websites.

You may also request inmate records physically at the DOC headquarters or at the offices of local law enforcement departments. 

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