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Inmate Search in Wyoming: How to Find Inmates in the State of Wyoming

Inmate Search in Wyoming: How to Find Inmates in the State of Wyoming
August 8, 2022

Prison facilities (and inmates' records) in Wyoming are managed by the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

And according to the Wyoming Public Records Act, records of inmates in any of the state's correctional facilities are considered public and are therefore available to members of the public. 

If you're interested in locating an inmate in Wyoming, there are official and unofficial ways to achieve your goal.

In this article, we have detailed the most effective ways to locate inmates in the state of Wyoming. 

About Wyoming Inmate Records

Wyoming inmate records are official records that contain information about people who are held in the state's prisons and detention centers, including their personal and administrative data.

In addition to the location, identification numbers, and punishment details, these records also contain the names, ages, genders, and mugshots of those who have been found guilty.

Interested parties may access these materials under the Wyoming Public Records Act, except for confidential information.

To find inmates in any of the five prisons managed by the DOC, you may use the department's inmate lookup tool or send a written public record request to the designated custodian. You may also search third-party websites. 

If your search subject is not incarcerated in any of the prisons managed by the WDOC, you may try moving your search to Wyoming jails.

To find inmates in Wyoming jails, you may visit the county jail or sheriff's office in person, or use the county jail's online inmate locator tool. 

I have a Friend in Jail, How can I Find Him?

The fastest and most convenient way to find inmates in Wyoming is to perform an online search of the WDOC's extensive database through the department's inmate locator tool.

To use this tool, visit the WDOC website and locate the inmate search tool.

Next, type the inmate's first and last name and their WDOC number in the provided boxes, then submit your search request. 

If you want to make your search a bit more focused, you may include the inmate's age and gender.

With this tool, you can also find information about inmates held in any of the state's correctional facilities as well as those supervised out of state.

Out-of-state criminals who are under supervision would be categorized as "Interstate Compact." Inmates who are housed outside of their home state will have "In Custody" indicated as their location.

Can I Find an Inmate by Mail?

It's possible to make your inmate search request by means of a handwritten letter to the state's designated record custodian. In your letter, describe your inmate of interest and the specific information you need.

Next, enfold your letter in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and mail it to:

Steve Lindly

Deputy Director

1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

You mail also make your request by email or telephone. To search by email, send an email to [email protected].

Call the Office of the WDOC Public Information at (307) 777-5889 to make your search request by telephone.

Third-party Websites: What are They?

Third-party websites are authorized by the Wyoming Public Records Act to access public records, and you may perform your inmate search on any of these platforms.

Note that you may have to pay a small fee to use this service. 

Third-party websites have an extensive collection of public records in their possession, with inmate records, court records, and criminal records featuring in their database.

To find an inmate on these websites, you'll mostly be required to provide the name and last known address (city/state/county) of the subject.

And if the subject has a criminal conviction in the state other than a juvenile or a special case, they should be found on the website. 

How to Search for Inmates of Jails in Wyoming

There are 43 police jails, 25 county jails, one town jail, and one regional jail in Wyoming. All of these facilities are managed and supervised by their respective county local law enforcement department.

So, it is to these offices that you must direct your inmate search request.   

You may get access to the records of inmates in county jails by paying a visit to the sheriff's office or going directly to the county jail, in both cases during business hours.

An easier alternative is to use the county jail's inmate locator tool. This tool can typically be found on the sheriff's office website or the county's website.

To use this tool, simply visit the jail section on the website and locate the inmate locator tool. Provide the required information, then click search.

The website will search for and provide details of inmates that match your search request. 


There are quite a few ways to find inmates currently incarcerated in any correctional facility in Wyoming.

Whether they're held in any of the prisons managed by the WDOC, or they're incarcerated in county jails, this article provides detailed information on how to easily find inmates in Wyoming. 

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