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New Mexico Arrest Records: How to Find a New Mexico Arrest Record

New Mexico Arrest Records: How to Find a New Mexico Arrest Record
October 10, 2022

When the state's law enforcement detains someone in New Mexico, a new arrest record is created. 


The organization that made the arrest will record it and provide a copy to the New Mexico State Police. All arrest records in New Mexico are kept in one place by the state police. 


Additionally, local law enforcement organizations maintain records of the people arrested in their areas.

Arrest records in New Mexico are formal documents that contain information about a person that the police have arrested and detained. 


Because they collect information about a person's criminal past, arrest records are very significant in New Mexico. 

The Law Enforcement Records Bureau (LERB) in New Mexico keeps thorough and accurate public records, such as arrest records, and responds quickly and effectively to the demands of the general public, other law enforcement bodies, and criminal justice organizations.

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How to Perform a New Mexico Arrest Records Search?

If for whatever reason it may be, you need to perform a New Mexico arrest records search, you can gain access to such files both offline and online. 


Below we have listed the best ways to find arrest records in New Mexico, and you can use them as specified. 


For those who want to find a person’s entire criminal history, or find other records, such as marriage records, there are online search engines at your convenience. 


You can use the services of websites such as to find arrest records New Mexico files, and additional data about yourself and others. 


Otherwise, here is how you can perform arrest records search in New Mexico.

New Mexico Public Arrest Records: Confidentiality of Arrest Records in the State

New Mexico arrest records are open to the public and, as such, are categorized as Public Records in New Mexico. 


In addition, with a few exceptions, the New Mexico open records rules mandate that any information kept by government organizations be made available. 

Therefore, arrest records in New Mexico are usually made available to the public upon request unless they are sealed or erased.


 The Open Records Act in New Mexico is the law that controls the confidentiality of arrest records.

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How to Obtain New Mexico Arrest Records for Free?

In New Mexico, there are two ways to request arrest records free of charge. These are:

In-person: Those who want copies of the records in person can do so by going to the location of the local law enforcement agency where the arrest was conducted.

Online: The New Mexico State Police website has an online form for acquiring arrest records. When asking for arrest records, you will need to provide some basic information about the arrested person, including their name and birthdate. As a citizen and resident of the state, you may also be asked to present a legitimate photo ID.

How to Find Arrest Records in New Mexico Using an Online Third-Party Search Service

There are several methods you can use to search for an arrest record from New Mexico. 


Utilizing a third-party search engine is one alternative. These online services with some form of credibility include Truth finder, Intelius, Instant Checkmate, and Spokeo.

Users of these platforms can frequently conduct searches using their names or other identifying details. 


The requestor will need to register an account and supply some basic information once they have decided which online service to employ for their search. 

The requester will have access to the search feature after registering an account. 

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The requester can then type the person's name into the search bar to find them. The arrest record will show up in the results if there is a match. The user can then view, print, or download.

Finding an arrest record in New Mexico is quickly done through a third-party search service, but it's crucial to remember that these services aren't always accurate. 


Additionally, they frequently charge for their services.

What Can I Do If My Arrest Record in New Mexico is Inaccurate?

If a record holder discovers a mistake or inaccuracy in their arrest records New Mexico files, they can try the following actions to try and get the problem fixed:

Send a letter requesting that the central database be updated with the correct information to the arresting agency. 


Ensure you include your full name, birthdate, and any other identifying information that may be important.

Write a letter to the New Mexico Criminal Records Bureau asking them to look into and remedy the issue if the arresting agency does not answer or will not. 


Ensure you include your full name, birthdate, and any other pertinent identifying details.

You can file a petition in district court requesting a judge to order that the record be amended if neither the arresting agency nor the Criminal Records Bureau would do so.

Please send a copy of the court's order to the criminal records bureau and the organization that made the arrest, requesting that they update their records.

Accessing Arrest Records in New Mexico Through a Subpoena


Arrest records are public information in New Mexico and are typically provided upon request. 


There are a few exceptions, though. For instance, juvenile offenders' records are private. In this instance, individuals who require access to these arrest records in New Mexico should get in touch with that county's county clerk. 

The forms needed to subpoena the records will be available from the clerk. The person making the request must complete a form that asks for the following information:

* The name and address of the party or business that has been served with a subpoena
* A description of the records that are being sought

a gavel on a book next to handcuffs

Why are the records required?

The completed form must be served on the individual or entity that is the subject of the subpoena. 


The subpoena can be delivered in person or mailed to the address on the form to accomplish this. 


There is a 20-day response period for the party or institution that received the subpoena. They could be found in contempt of court if they do not react or don't have the needed records.

In Conclusion

There are various ways for interested individuals to access New Mexico arrest records. 


The easiest and quickest way is to go to the county sheriff's office where the arrest occurred and ask for copies of the necessary records. 


Alternatively, you can ask the state police or the Department of Corrections for the sought-after arrest record.

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