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What Is TruePeopleSearch? Here are the Answers

What Is TruePeopleSearch? Here are the Answers
August 15, 2022

TruePeopleSearch is a fast and effective online people search platform that helps people reconnect with friends, acquaintances, and relatives after extended periods of no contact.

Employers seeking some background data on prospective employees will also find this site useful.

TruePeopleSearch maintains records and information about people from all walks of life, living in the USA. It obtains this data from a variety of open access sources, such as government records, telephone directories, tax records, social media profiles, etc. 

TruePeopleSearch was established in 2017 by a group of tech experts. One thing that stands this website apart, apart from its massive database, is that, unlike others that introduce charges for their service somewhere along the line, TruePeopleSearch is completely free to use.

Users are also not required to register on the platform before gaining access to its services.

TruePeopleSearch Services

These details are typically included in reports when you carry out a search on the platform:

Contact Information

This option is extremely handy if you need to contact or connect with someone but have no way of doing so.

When you carry out a search on this platform, the search engine includes their past and current contact information, such as their phone numbers, email, and current address. 

Social Profiles

People reveal a lot about themselves on their social media handles, and one of the best ways to get a feel for someone’s likes, orientations, and affiliations is by checking their social media profiles.

TruePeopleSearch’s search reports include information about any social media platform the subject is registered on. Online daters that want to carry out a background check on matches can use this feature.


If you’re considering purchasing a property in the USA, or you recently moved into a new neighborhood and would like to know a bit more about your new neighbors, TruePeopleSearch’s address lookup can be especially useful.

With this feature, you can also look up addresses of relatives or old friends, with whom you’ve lost contact, to find out if they still live there.

Police Records

Employers that need to conduct a background check on potential employees can run their details through this platform.

TruePeopleSearch includes records such as police records, criminal records, and arrest records in reports, as long as those records are open to the public.

Access to these records can help you reach a decision on potential employees sooner and much easier.

Phone Records

You can find out who is on the other end of a phone number using this feature. For those who are wary of receiving calls from unidentified or unknown numbers, this option can be especially helpful. It can also be used to identify spam calls and stop calls from people who aren’t who they claim to be.

TruePeopleSearch's reverse phone lookup service can sift through a wealth of other data. You can discover additional information on the owner of a phone number by using the website's search engine.

This information includes the owner's present and prior addresses, the names of their relatives and other associates, and their other phone numbers.

Features of TruePeopleSearch

These are some of the things that set TruePeopleSearch apart from the others:

1. Large and Detailed Database

TruePeopleSearch maintains records going back to 80 years, making its database one of the largest and most comprehensive available.

You can find records of anyone or anything on the platform, as long as those records have not been sealed by law.

Even if your search subject is deceased, you can still find detailed information about them when you go through this platform.

2. Intuitive Interface

A few search engines have such cluttered websites that navigating them could be challenging.

TruePeopleSearch’s website is clean and simple to use, with clearly defined boxes for requisite search items.

Additionally, there are no annoying pop-ups and ads that can make browsing the site a nightmare, and the website has been optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

 3. Completely Free

TruePeopleSearch’s superpower is that it is completely free. Other people search engines set out offering free searches but end up introducing charges somewhere down the line.

TruePeopleSearch is completely free, from start to end. You wouldn’t even need to register to get searching.

Some websites try to make up for the absence of charges by filling the site with ads, but TruePeopleSearch’s website is completely free of ads as well.

4. Privacy

People who want to protect the privacy of their information can opt-out, according to the company. The website's database can be easily cleaned up of your information.

Contact their customer care services if you are unable to handle it on your own, and they will respond right away.

However, it may take a while for details to get deleted from your mail. With this, you may need to be patient.

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