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Unclaimed Money Tennessee: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Tennessee

Unclaimed Money Tennessee: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Tennessee
November 12, 2022

The state of Tennessee was carved out of North Carolina and became the 16th state to join the Union on 1st July 1796. 


The Tennessee Code 66-29-101 classifies unclaimed money (property) into two: tangible and intangible property abandoned for a stipulated period. 

Tangible properties are mainly safe deposit box contents and military service medals. 


On the other hand, intangible properties consist of credit balances for overpayment, abandoned customer refunds, mutual funds, stocks, abandoned employee payroll checks, uncashed dividends, gift certificates, utility security deposits, and bonds. 


In Tennessee, real estate and taxes do not qualify as Tennessee unclaimed property. 

In Tennessee, the Department of Treasury is the central repository of unclaimed properties. 


The agency is tasked with overseeing the claims for unclaimed properties. 


The department's primary aim is to gather, preserve, and return unclaimed money to its rightful claimant. 

Under the state's law, holders of unclaimed money and other financial assets must report such money or asset to the Department of Treasury when no contact is established with the rightful owner for over a year. 

Should that happen, the Department of Treasury is empowered by law to temporarily take charge of the funds pending claim by a rightful claimant. 


In doing so, the department compiles a list of unclaimed money and attempts to reach out to the owners through its website, newspapers, advertisements, and sending emails to the owner's home or workplace. 

According to Tennessee's unclaimed property law, the treasury department maintains such funds indefinitely. 

a magnifying glass on a money bills


However, the law allows the treasury department to liquidate unclaimed stocks within twelve months of reception. 

This doesn't mean the rightful claimant can't claim this property again. 


However, what the claimant will receive when claiming would be proceeds from the stock sale (which will be registered in their names).

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Tennessee:

Persons searching for unclaimed money in Tennessee can do so using any of the techniques below:

Finding Tennessee Unclaimed Money Through the Unclaimed Property Division

The Unclaimed Property Division of the Treasury Department in Tennessee utilizes an online archive that enables people to find unclaimed properties in Tennessee. 


As a result, you can access this government-compiled list using the instructions provided below: 

1. Visit the Tennessee Department of Treasury 
2. Click on the "Search for Unclaimed Property Online" button
3. Type in the property ID or your full name
4. Prove you are not a robot by typing in the letter and figures provided on the screen.
5. Click on "search"

The website will provide you with properties matching your data. Select them and proceed to file your claim. 


You will be required to provide other supporting documents, including a valid ID such as a US passport or a driver's license, Social Security Number (SSN), proof of address, birth certificate, death certificate, etc. 


The department has the right to either approve or reject your claim; you can appeal a rejection. 

a hand stamping a sheet of paper

Alternatively, claimants can submit an application at the Unclaimed Property Division through email or by calling (866) 370-9429. You can also write them at: 

Unclaimed Property Division,
PO Box 190693,
Nashville, TN 37219-0693

Finding Tennessee Unclaimed Property Via DoNotPay

Another platform offering quality unclaimed money recovery services is DoNotPay. 


The platform is a virtual assistant for locating abandoned money in Tennessee and other states. You only need to follow the directions below:

1. Open DoNotPay on your web browser
2. Pick the "Missing Money" feature 
3. Type in the required personal details

If the platform finds a match, it will immediately submit a claim on your behalf. 


You can narrow down your search by adding details such as your middle name, current and past addresses, zip code, and city in the personal information box. 

Tennesseans can also locate their unclaimed money on other websites maintained by federal agencies. 

shutterstock_1311184997 (1).jpg


These agencies keep records of unclaimed money relating to them. They include:

The US Bankruptcy Unclaimed Funds Locator

The US Bankruptcy Court stores records of every unclaimed bankruptcy asset. 


The platform has a free online search tool that allows parties to search using details such as case number, court, creditor's name, debtor's name, amount being searched for, etc.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators keeps records of various unclaimed properties across every state of the US. 


Residents of Tennessee can use the agency to find different kinds of unclaimed funds such as unclaimed wages or salaries, uncashed paychecks, unclaimed customer refunds, etc.  

Other agencies for finding Tennessee unclaimed property include:

* The National Association of Insurance Commissioner's Life Insurance Policy Locator service 
* The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
* The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation 


The state of Tennessee preserves every unclaimed property, including unclaimed funds, on behalf of the rightful owners or heirs. 


Therefore, interested parties can use any of the methods mentioned above while searching for their unclaimed money!

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