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Oklahoma Public Records: How to Perform an Oklahoma Public Records Search

Oklahoma Public Records: How to Perform an Oklahoma Public Records Search
November 8, 2022

Per the Oklahoma Open Records Act, all citizens are authorized to request and obtain Oklahoma public records, although there are no specific time frames for public agencies to respond to requests.


To view or obtain Oklahoma public records, interested individuals typically need to submit an open records request to the appropriate record custodian in person or by mail. 


Some Oklahoma public records may, however, be accessed online.


Multiple departments and agencies handle different Oklahoma public records, so it's important to know the right agency and requesting process when making public records request in Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Public Records: What are Vital Records in Oklahoma?

Vital records in Oklahoma comprise birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. 


According to the state’s Open Records Act, these records are public records in Oklahoma, but requesters must be classified as authorized before they can access or obtain Oklahoma vital records.


Parties interested in obtaining Oklahoma vital records need to submit proof of identity in the form of a valid, government-issued ID and pay charges that may apply. 


Beyond these, they must supply the record subject's name as well as other data that may make the search for the requested record easier.

a petition for divorce


To request Oklahoma marriage records, interested individuals must contact the office of the clerk in the county where the marriage was licensed. Next, they must submit a written marriage records request to the record custodian. 


Once the requested Oklahoma public record is found, the requester will be required to provide their ID for confirmation, then they may proceed to settle the costs of copying and certifying the record.


Oklahoma Divorce records are also obtainable in much the same way. Meanwhile, people interested in accessing or obtaining birth or death records in Oklahoma must send a request to the Oklahoma Center for Health Statistics. 


To do this, they must download and complete the appropriate request form, then attach a valid ID and a payment of $15 in check or money order. 


Finally, they must enclose the application in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and submit it in person or via mail to:


Vital Records Unit,
Oklahoma State Department of Health,
P.O. Box 53551,
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3551

Public Records Oklahoma: Criminal Records Explained

Criminal records are an overview of someone's criminal past. A rap sheet, which lists convictions and arrests, is another name for it. Local law enforcement authorities are in charge of maintaining these records.


The interactions a person has had with the state's numerous police departments are detailed in their criminal record. 


The data covers arrest records, convictions, and imprisonments in the prisons operated by the state and comes from a variety of sources.

Oklahoma Public Records Search: Criminal Records

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is the official record custodian of criminal records in Oklahoma. 


Requests for criminal records typically need to be submitted to this agency.

handcuffs and a gavel on a book


To access or obtain Oklahoma criminal records from the Bureau of Investigation, interested parties must download and complete the criminal records request form, then enclose their application in a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 


They must also include payment for the service in the envelope. Next, they must submit the application in person or via mail to:


6600 North Harvey Place,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


The easier alternative is to perform an online, name-based search on the Criminal History Information Request Portal (CHIRP). 


To access this platform, interested parties must first create an account and wait for the account to be approved. Once approval is granted, they may perform criminal records searches on the platform. Each search costs $15. 

Oklahoma Court Records: What are They?

Oklahoma court records are typically accessible to members of the public, but this does not apply to all cases. 


Records that have statutory protection and exempted court records may not be accessed without the express permission of a court order. 

Oklahoma Public Records Search: Court Records

Applications to view or obtain Oklahoma court records, which are part of the Oklahoma public records, need to be submitted to the designated record custodian. 


Under Oklahoma law, clerks of court are the designated record custodians of courts where they operate. 


Requests for Oklahoma court records must be directed to the office of the clerk of court in the court where the case was filed. 


So, the first thing for requesters to do is to identify the designated record custodian of the record of interest.


Oklahoma court records requests may be made in person or via the Oklahoma courts' online search portal. 


To make a request in person, interested individuals must fill out request forms and submit them at the office of the clerk of court. 

shutterstock_1769000219 (2).jpg

Oklahoma Inmate Records: What are They?

Inmate records in Oklahoma provide detailed information about inmates in any correctional facility in the state of Oklahoma, including their status and location. 


These records are maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC). The same department is also in charge of disseminating the records. 

Oklahoma Public Records Search: Inmate Records

People interested in finding records of inmates held in state penitentiaries in Oklahoma may do so by visiting the Oklahoma Department of Corrections online offender database. 


Requesters can perform a name-based search on the platform, or supply the inmate's identification number for a more streamlined search. 

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