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Kentucky People Search

Kentucky People Search
June 28, 2022

Due to the unrestricted access to public records and other related sources of information, searching for anyone in Kentucky is a pretty straightforward affair. 


There is no shortage of routes you can take in your search when you go through online-based channels, and they'll most likely leave zero paper trail in their wake. 


And even if you opt to go through the official channels, you should have your request swiftly sorted out. This situation is helped in no small part by the premium that the government places on the freedom of information.


 So whoever you need to find in Kentucky, you'll most likely find them, and we suggest some options that you can explore in your quest. 


Kentucky Court Records


As always, the journey to obtain someone's court records in Kentucky begins with a stop at the courthouse in charge of their case. If you don't know the address, you can easily find it on the Kentucky Court of Justice Website. 


Whether it's a Court of Appeal, Circuit and District Courts, or the Supreme Court, the procedures are very much the same, and it almost always begins with the court's clerk. 


The requester will meet with the Court Clerk, who will direct them on what forms to fill concerning their request. They may be made to pay a processing fee, after which they can both proceed to sort the relevant files in the court's possession.


a gavel, handcuffs and a stack of books on a table

Kentucky Criminal Records


Anyone that wishes to find someone's criminal records in any court in Kentucky may do so by visiting the court’s Administrative Office. They may obtain a criminal record report for a charge of $25, payable only through card payment channels. 


Alternatively, the one-time Request portal and the AOCFastCheck portal can be used to collect criminal records online. The latter hosts a database with extensive coverage that includes court information from all the counties in Kentucky, along with their case management system.


People that seek to obtain these criminal records in electronic files must initially signup at the website. And after they have done that, they can now get access to the relevant files by inputting the subject's name or any other search parameters n the space provided. 


open drawers that read criminal records


Kentucky Marriage Records


A number of routes can be taken to arrive at the marriage records of your subject, and the information in this record may be used to locate the person in question. 


The Kentucky OVS is charged with the processing of requests for marriage event files that take place in Kentucky. And the Office of Vital Statistics can likewise receive requests for access to public records from the general public. 


And if that's not possible, the index of public marriage records in the state archives can also be accessed by interested persons. The requester will be asked to provide their full name, mailing address, and contact information. 


Afterward, they will be made to attach the charges that apply in the application. The application will, in turn, be wrapped in a self-addressed envelope, stamped, and delivered in person or by mail to the Office of Vital Statistics.


a bride standing next to her groom and signing a paper

Kentucky Divorce Records


To get access to divorce records in Kentucky, you will have to stop by the county's Clerk, where the divorce was awarded. 


And if you want to spread your net, the state Vital Statistics Office has a more extensive collection of divorce records available statewide. 


At the county or state level, these divorce records can be obtained by interested persons after they must have provided certain information. 


The requested information can go from the full names of the involved parties(including the requester) to your email address, among other things. 


You'll also be asked to insert in a check of $6 for every record that you request. All the requests should be delivered in person or by mail to the Office of Vital Statistics, with the latter allowed 30 days of grace for processing. 


two wedding bands on divorce papers


Kentucky Online Records


Online records about any individual in Kentucky can be found in various sources. Whitepages, third-party platforms, and government databases all share a penchant for their possession of tons of public records. 


While the state government is the principal custodian of public records in Kentucky, they make some of these records available in various databases. 


They also make it very easy to access these records, and other non-government platforms can take advantage of this provision to gather the records in large numbers. 


Whether they're a search engine for finding people or a directory for getting contact information, they all build on the data they obtain from these records. 


a gavel next to a computer keyboard and a computer mouse

To find anyone using these platforms, you'll be required to input the search parameters in a text field, and the system can then search its records for subjects that match your input. 


Although the availability of the relevant files is not always dead cert, the probability of getting matching results at every time of asking is very high.

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