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Texas Mugshots: How to Find Mugshots in Texas

Texas Mugshots: How to Find Mugshots in Texas
July 31, 2022

There really is no unique name out there anymore, no matter how an individual styles or spells their name. So, relying on a simple name-based search to find someone you don't know all that well is not the best way to go. Mugshots, however, help put a face to the name. 

In Texas, mugshots can usually be found in the arrest or criminal records of offenders. And since these records are public records (per the state's Public Information Act), they can be easily found and accessed.

In this article, we'll discuss exactly how to find mugshots in Texas. 

Can I search Third-Party Websites?

If you fancy the idea of accessing the records of anyone (including their mugshot) right from the comfort of your home, you'll appreciate the ease and convenience which third-party people search websites offer.

Although they're better known for helping people locate other people, a few of these background check websites do display mugshots of offenders on their platforms.

Usually, you'll need to pay before you can use these services, but some will also offer their services for free. 

How can I Get Mugshots From Third-Party Websites?

Background search websites provide search boxes on their platforms in which users can type a few details about their subject.

After you've provided the details, click the "search" button, then wait a few moments while the system checks its database. If there are matches, the website will display them on completion of the search, and clicking on any record will reveal further details about them, including their mugshot if available. 

Can I Try Texas Inmate Records?

One of the surest ways to access mugshots in Texas is to check out local inmate records. If you know the jail where your search subject is held, you can find out a lot of details about them, including their mugshot, by paying a visit to the jail and requesting their criminal records.

According to the state's Public Information Act, criminal records are accessible to members of the public. 

Where To Get Texas Inmate Records

You can gain access to an inmate's criminal records in Texas by paying a physical visit to the jail where they're held.

If you're unsure where that is, use the Texas Tribune search engine to look up the list of prison units in the state, or more specifically, locate the particular jail where an inmate is being kept. 

Once at the jail, you can request an inmate's records. You will be asked to provide a few details such as the inmate's name and case number. You may be charged a small fee for the reproduction of the files. 

Can I Get Mugshots From Texas Court Records?

Another foolproof and relatively straightforward way to access mugshots in Texas is to access court records. A criminal's court records provide a wealth of information about them, including, most significantly to this purpose, their mugshots.

If you know the specific court where your search subject was convicted, a physical visit to the premises could be your best bet. 

How to Access Texas Court Records

Court clerks are authorized custodians of the criminal records of inmates, and they're the ones to seek out when you go in search of court and criminal records in the state.

In every district, the court clerk maintains these records. You'll need to provide a few details, such as the case number, the name of your subject, and the approximate date of the proceeding.

The court clerk can dig up the required file with these details and provide answers to your questions. 

Can I Get Mugshots from Texas Criminal Records?

If you're not amenable to the idea of visiting courts and jail houses, you can still access an inmate's criminal records by directly contacting the Texas Department of Public Safety.

This method is not as straightforward as the others, and you'll be obliged to pay some fees. But it is no less reliable. 

Where You Can Get Texas Criminal Records

To get access to Texas criminal records using this method, you'll need to submit a fully authorized fingerprint card along with the $10 service fee to the DPS.

Alternatively, you may set an appointment and visit any DPS FAST facility in a designated area to have your fingerprints printed electronically.

It's worth noting that obtaining a fingerprint through FAST or a local law enforcement agency costs an additional $10. 

After this, you can then visit the Texas DPS website and locate your desired criminal records on the Review of Criminal History Information page on the website. 

Can I Search Texas Sex Offender Registry?

If your search subject is a convicted sex offender, you can quite easily find their mugshot on the Texas sex offender registry.

Listings in the online registry are compiled and maintained by various jurisdictions and their law enforcement agencies, so there's a very good chance of getting your desired result, as long as the offense was committed in the state. 

Where To Locate Texas Sex Offender Registry

Accessing the state's sex offender registry is just as simple as visiting the Texas sex offender registry website online. Once there, you will be asked to provide a few personal details of the offender, or relevant information about the case. 

The registry will bring up detailed information about your search subject, including their mugshot. 

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