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Idaho License Plate Search: How to Search Idaho License Plate

Idaho License Plate Search: How to Search Idaho License Plate
October 27, 2022

Every resident of the great state of Idaho who owns a vehicle must have a license plate attached to their vehicle. It is the responsibility of the Idaho Motor Vehicle Division (DMV) to issue such license plates. 

In Idaho, license plates have two letters before the plate number, which is coined from the first letters of the county where the vehicle was registered. 


In addition, Idaho is a two-plate state, meaning that license plates are fixed to the front and back sides of the vehicle. 

However, if the vehicle is an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or a motorcycle, the license plate will only be attached to the backside. 


Every new vehicle in the state must be registered with the DMV within 30 days of being bought. 

To register the vehicle, you will have to fill out an application form alongside the insurance documents and the vehicle’s title. 


You also need a valid Idaho driver’s ID and checks for every payment you have made. 

Registering the vehicle helps in tracking and also for identification purposes. 


Therefore, persons looking to purchase a used car must conduct a license plate lookup on such a vehicle. 


A license plate lookup involves retrieving information on a particular vehicle using its license plate number. 

An Idaho license plate lookup can be conducted by a law enforcement agency or any member of the public. 


Law enforcement agencies can run a license plate lookup to ascertain the driver’s criminal history and if the owner has any outstanding arrest warrants, parking fines, and any other offenses that may be important to them. 

The right to conduct an Idaho license plate search is provided under Administrative Rule No. 39.02.41 and Idaho Law, IC Section 49-202 and 49-203. 


These laws provide for real-time searches of the title and registration database of the Idaho Transportation Department.

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Common Details that are Revealed During an Idaho License Plate Lookup

If you purchase a used vehicle in Idaho, you can check the condition and history of the car by running a license plate lookup Idaho search. Some of the details that come up during an Idaho license plate lookup include the following: 

* Mileage and odometer readings
* Accident history 
* Driver’s criminal history 
* Driver’s outstanding warrants and parking fines
* Vehicle registration details 
* Title information 
* Vehicle information and history 
* Vehicle’s registration details 
* Maintenance history 
* Repossession history 
* Recent vehicle inspection data
* Weather-related and natural damage 

Generally, there are three major types of licenses: personalized, specialized, and standard license plates. 


However, the Department of Transportation differentiates between commercial and passenger vehicles and, as a result, issues license plates based on the distinction. 

Passenger vehicles include neighborhood electric vehicles, pickup trucks, and other vehicles with a maximum weight of 8,000 pounds. 


In Idaho, commercial automobiles weighing between 8,001 and 26,000 are licensed through the local county assessor’s office or the Motor Carrier Services (MCS). 

Commercial vehicle license plates are only issued following the completion of registration through the local assessor’s offices or MCS. 


Idaho has two vehicle registrations for commercial automobiles: the International Registration Plan (IRP) and the full registration. 

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Search Idaho License Plate: How To Perform the Search

It is common knowledge that before purchasing a used vehicle, it is crucial to conduct a license plate lookup. Potential owners can learn much about the vehicle’s history, including its Idaho traffic records.

You can carry out an Idaho license plate lookup using paid or free services from third-party websites. You can also conduct an Idaho DMV license plate search or by visiting the Division of Motor Vehicles of the Idaho Transport Department. 


Additionally, you can retrieve data on the vehicle by telephoning the insurance service and police. 

The Idaho Transportation Department maintains an online database that allows residents to search for registration details and other information connected with a vehicle. Follow the steps below on how to conduct a license plate lookup on the platform:

* Navigate to the online services section of the Idaho Transportation Department.
* Type in the entire Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle in question
* After typing in the VIN, you can opt to enter either your Idaho license plate number or Idaho title number.
* Confirm that the model and car make match your criteria 
* View the vehicle information history alongside the title and owner information
* You can purchase the records using your credit or debit card.

Suppose you do not have the Vehicle Identification Number alongside the title number or plate number. 


In that case, you can request a registration or title record from either the Idaho Transportation Department or the motor vehicle office of any county. 

Additionally, applicants must indicate their reason for searching for vehicle records. Common reasons include investigation, business activities, insurance, government, driver or vehicle safety, research, court proceedings, and public safety. 


Every search must be in line with established Idaho laws concerning the use of any information obtained through the search. Every search further costs $9.50 dollars. 

Finally, you can contact the Idaho Transportation Department using the following contact information:
Department of Transportation
3311 W. State Street
PO Box 7129
A phone call is also an option: (208) 334-8000

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Running an Idaho license plate search will provide you with valuable information that will help you decide whether or not to purchase a vehicle. 


Interested parties can use any of the techniques discussed above while conducting an Idaho license plate lookup, and discover everything there is to know about a particular vehicle.

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