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Inmate Search Idaho: Guide To Finding Inmate In Idaho

Inmate Search Idaho: Guide To Finding Inmate In Idaho
Michelle S. August 2, 2022

There are several reasons why you'd be out to find an inmate in Idaho. You may be looking to get back in touch with an old-time friend or colleague who you know to be serving time in an Idaho prison or jail.

You could also be doing it as part of a background check on a new tenant, employee, business partner, or even on yourself. Whatever the motivation for taking this course of action, you'll need all the help that you can get. 

Idaho has up to nine state prisons and over twenty county jails, so knowing where to search should be your first call.

And when you get over that mark, you'll also need to know the channels to explore in order to make your search successful.

These are the issues that this article intends to address, to help you find the inmate you have in mind, the right and easy way. 

Information on Idaho Inmate Records 

People who have a history of incarceration in any of the state prisons, county jails, community re-entry facilities, and other correctional institutions in Idaho have an inmate record created on their account.

These inmate records will also remain available long after the inmate is released back into society. The information in the record is sourced from various outlets—from their arrest and booking reports to court documents, conviction reports, and other relevant documents. 

The Idaho State Department of Corrections is in charge of the compilation and maintenance of these records.

However, the Idaho Public Records Act in conjunction with the Idaho Public Records Law Manual allows for free public access to these records.

As a result, they can be obtained by anyone who wishes to get them, with a few exceptions. They'll include information such as the following:

* The inmate's full name and any known aliases

Their date of birth, gender, any notable physical features, and other personal information details

The details of their offense

Their incarceration date, and potential release date

The address of the jail, prison, correction center, or any detention facility where the inmate is being held

How Do I Find An Inmate In An Idaho Prison?

The Idaho Department of Corrections is the chief administrator of all the state prisons in Idaho. They generate, update, and dispense the inmate records in their custody, and they manage a website to that effect.

On this website, you get access to a host of services such as victim support, prisons support, VINE Link, and inmate and facility locator, among others.

Their inmate locator tool is included under a heading tagged Resident/client search. 

To find an inmate using this search tool, you'll be required to fill the text fields with a minimum of the first three letters from the inmate's name. Alternatively, you can provide the first three numbers off the inmate's IDOC number.

When you enter these details, the system will search for any names matching your search. 

How Do I Find An Inmate In An Idaho Jail? 

Victim Notification-VINE:

Idaho is one of the states included in the VINE Link system, a platform that provides offender notification and information to crime victims in the state.

The essence of this service is to help crime victims monitor the progress of their offenders from the courts to prison and even after their release.

It is provided by the Idaho Sheriffs' Association (ISA) in conjunction with Appriss Inc and interested persons can register for it by providing their names, telephone numbers, and email addresses in exchange for a four-digit pin. 

Registrants will receive a phone call or message in case of the transfer, release, death, escape, or court hearing of their offender. This victim support system is different from the one provided by the Idaho Department of Corrections.

So whenever you need to find your offender or that of a friend/relative, you can wait till the 2 hours and 48-minute interval when a notification is scheduled to come around. Or you can direct your inquiries to the phone number (866) 984-6343. 

How to Use Third-party Websites

Access to public records in Idaho is a statutory provision of the Idaho public records act, and this provides the backdrop for Third-party websites to thrive in the state.

These websites obtain these public records and then create a database of information that people can rely on whenever they need to find something about themselves or someone else.

To perform an inmate search using these websites, you'll be required to input the name and state/county/city of the inmate as the search parameters. 

The system will search its database for matching terms and display a list of positive matches.

You can filter the results to pick out the right one, and you should find the incarceration history, custody status, and other inmate-related data in the document that pop up. 

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