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Maine Public Records: How to Perform a Maine Public Records Search

Maine Public Records: How to Perform a Maine Public Records Search
November 12, 2022

Under the Maine Freedom of Access Act, Maine Public records have become much easier to access and obtain. 


Interested persons can find these Maine public records by querying their traditional government custodians and other third-party websites. 


And while the latter requires you to provide your name and the location of the sought-after public record to facilitate the search, the former is a bit less straightforward. 


This article aims to help you navigate the various channels to explore while looking for public records in Maine.

Public Records Maine: How To Obtain Court Records in Maine

To find court records, you must first identify the court in possession of the case files and check if the court's case management system is print-based or/and electronic. 


Concerning the latter, the eCourts Odyssey is an online portal devoted to facilitating online case searches.

a stack of paper files


Requesters of these public records in Maine are sometimes required to sign up for this portal and obtain elevated access before being granted access to certain court records. 


Case searches are processed by providing the case number or party name in the designated search fields or by using advanced filtering options including case type or status, and the filing date.


Alternatively, requesters can order a written or audio transcript of their case hearings by querying the court clerk via a Transcript and Audio Order Form (CV/CR/JV-165). 


You'd have to understand the various fee schedules translating to different turnaround times and then provide details such as the case name and docket number. 


For any further questions related to transcripts or audio recordings, reach out to the Office of Transcript Operations (OTO) at:


Penobscot Judicial Center
78 Exchange Street, Suite 200, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 991-6322
Email: [email protected]

Public Records Maine: Accessing Maine Criminal Records

The most convenient way to find Maine criminal records is to search online at official databases managed by the state's bureau of identification(SBI) or the Maine state police. 


There, you can run name-based searches(for $31 per search) where you'll also be required to provide the search subject's date of birth. 


The SBI also responds to requests that are submitted in person or mailed to them, although the response time is much longer as opposed to two hours with online searches.

a magnifying glass on a fingerprint sheet


The written request for these Maine public records should contain any additional information that can narrow down and quicken the search. 


Top it off by including the payment in a stamped and self-addressed envelope containing the request and then submit it to the state's bureau of investigation. 

Maine Public Records: How You Can Find Divorce Records in Maine

The vital records office in the state where the divorce was finalized or the county's court clerk is usually the first port of call for most people looking for divorce records in Maine. 


Their written request or application form must contain information such as their full name and contact details along with other details related to the divorce.


The latter includes the divorcee's full name as well as the date and place where the divorce occurred. 


Other than that, the requester must attach a $15 payment (in cheque or money order) in an envelope containing the written request and then deliver the entire package to:


Vital Records
11 State House Station,
220 Capitol Street
Augusta, ME 04333-0011

Maine Public Records: How to Access Marriage Records


Requests for marriage records proceed similarly to those intended for divorce records in the sense that the payment and the application requirements are the same, as is the recipient of the application. 


In this case, however, the requester must provide certain information including the couple's full names, the date and location of the marriage in addition to their own personal and contact information.


A self-addressed and stamped envelope containing their application can later be delivered in person or mailed as an alternative to the Vital Records office. 

a gavel and two wedding bands on a marriage contract

Maine Public Records: Death Records

Public death records in Maine can be accessed by persons who reach out to the State's Vital Statistics office. 


These persons must be eligible to view the Maine public records, either by being closely related to the record owner or being projected as their legal representative. 


The requester must include certain information in their application such as their full name and contact address, their relationship with the deceased person, and the deceased's full name.


They must also include their identification details and a $15 payment(made to the state treasurer) in a self-addressed and stamped envelope. 


The envelope can later be delivered in person or via mail to the address:


Vital Records,
11 State House Station,
220 Capitol Street,
Augusta, ME 04333-0011,
Phone: (207) 287-1919

a man using a laptop

Public Records Maine: How To Obtain Birth Records


One of the most logical places to find birth records is at the local court or town clerk of the judicial district and county in which the birth was recorded. 


This is in addition to the Vital Records office, with its vast collection of statewide generated Maine public records. 


All of the requirements that pertain to death records-related requests are also applicable to that birth records.


They include the $15 payment, the identification requirements, and the data that must be provided by the requester to facilitate the search. 


The application packet will also be mailed to the same address as previously reported.

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