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Colorado Mugshots Search Guide

Colorado Mugshots Search Guide
June 26, 2022

There are a few good reasons why you would be looking for the mugshot of anyone in Colorado.

One such reason would probably be to confirm your worst fears about a friend or a colleague. It could also be that you want to ensure you're not dealing with a shady person. Whatever the case is, you can get the much-needed clarity with a few actions, many of which we discuss in this article.

Here, we suggest some channels you can explore in your quest to find the mugshot of any person in Colorado. 

What Are Colorado Inmate Records?

Colorado inmate records are official documents containing information about people that are currently serving or have served time in any detention facility in Colorado.

The records are collected and managed by Colorado's Department of Corrections and will most often contain the following information 

* The inmate's full name and any aliases

Physical description and any identifying marks

Present location

Custody status

Date of admittance and Expected release date


Information about their detention facility  

Criminal and Court history

Steps to Obtaining Colorado Inmate Records?

Colorado's Department of Corrections manages a database that members of the public can access to perform an inmate search.

They operate a website that features an inmate locator tool where you can perform an inmate search.

The search results will bring up the name of the offender, the place where they are being held, their incarceration date, and expected release date, among other things. And while you're at it, you'll also come across their photographs. 

Colorado Criminal Records: Information They Provide

Some of the things you can mostly find in the document include:

* The name and aliases of the subject

Their date of birth, along with any  other personal information

Their Contact information (known address and phone number)


Physical description and any identifier (including weight, height, race, eye color, and hair color)

Charges levied against them

Court deposition

Any Known associates

A Colorado criminal record is generated on behalf of someone that has been convicted of criminal activity in the state.

The information on these documents is usually compiled throughout criminal investigations by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

And in compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the information contained in these documents can be accessed by members of the public upon submitting a request to the government agency in charge of them. 

Steps to Accessing Criminal Records In Colorado?

The easiest route to take in your quest is to check the criminal records Criminal History Check System, a database maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

There you'll be asked to provide certain information about your subjects, such as their names and date of birth or the date they were arrested. You'll also be asked to pay a $6.85 fee to cover the cost of copying and any further processing.

You can always make inquiries at the local police, the sheriff's office, or the court in the jurisdiction of the crime, where you'll probably be directed to their online database. 

What Are Colorado Arrest Records?

Arrest records in Colorado are official documents providing information about a person who has once been arrested or is presently in custody.

The arrest records will usually hold information about the arrest and any other related information. And as it is mostly available for public use, you may get access to it without experiencing too much difficulty. 

Guide to Obtaining Arrest Records In Colorado 

Arrest records in Colorado go through the law enforcement agencies responsible for carrying out the arrest on their way to the state government's record database.

So the local sheriff or the police department in the county where the arrest was recorded is a good place to start. 

There, you'll probably be asked to provide a probable cause for making the request. 

Next, you'll be asked to present personal information about the subject along with any other information related to the offense for which they were arrested.

You'll be asked to pay a token for a copy of the search results. And when you get the search results, you should come across the person's mugshot, among other things. 

Exploring Third-party websites

Third-party websites have loads of public records in their possession, many of which have been sourced from several state government agencies.

They have an extensive database of public records that contain everything from employment history and arrest/criminal records to other personal information about people in the USA.

Obtaining Mugshots From Third-party Websites: What to Do

If your subject has a history with law enforcement, their personal data will most likely become the subject of a public record. 

If this is the case, then your job would be much easier. You only have to visit any of these third-party websites and perform a quick search using your subject's name and state.

If you provide them with any backup information in terms of answers to any of their prompts, you may come across your subject in no time. 

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