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Kansas Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Records in Kansas

Kansas Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Records in Kansas
September 6, 2022

So you're looking to take in a new tenant on your property, and you've just had your first prospect come over to make an introduction. You go on to discuss and then agree on the price before closing the day with a promise to go over all the necessary paperwork. 


Before you put pen to paper on the deal, it wouldn't hurt to do a little background check on your prospect.


You may be dealing with someone who has a warrant out for their arrest, and giving out your property to them may put you in the shade of the spotlight when the cops come knocking. 


In Kansas, you can find all types of warrants from a host of government agencies and public institutions. These warrants can also be found in third-party sources that manage to gather public records from their custodial agencies.


In this article, we discuss a range of measures you can take to find warrants in Kansas. The good news is that you can find warrants issued against someone else using these suggestions. 


This should go a long way in making you make safe and informed decisions going forward. 

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What Is A Warrant In Kansas?

Law enforcement officers sometimes resort to the use of warrants in a bid to persuade people to agree with a line of action that they seek to execute. 


With a warrant in hand, a police officer has the power to make arrests, search or seize property, and deprive you of your rights to privacy while at it.


To put it simply, the warrants bear the signature of a judge or magistrate who accords the police the power to take certain actions crucial to the maintenance of public law and order.


Before they can get the warrants, the requester( law enforcement agencies) must first present the issuing judicial officer ( judge or magistrate) with something known as "Probable Cause."


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Probable cause is offered as verifiable proof of a person's(or their property) involvement in a crime, and that their arrest or a search of their property is crucial. 


Other than arrest and search warrants, tax complaint warrants, bench warrants, and fugitive warrants are among the most frequently executed warrants in Kansas. You can find all of these warrants by taking up any of our suggestions below:

At The Courthouse

The courts should ordinarily be first on your list of stops should you look to begin your journey into finding warrants in Kansas. 


This is majority because judges and magistrates put their names and signatures on the warrant, and the courts are known to keep copies of the warrants. 


The clerk of the court is usually in the best position to help you find these warrants if they're included in case files and other relevant court documents.


As long as you provide a name, date of birth, case/docket number, and social security number, the clerk can search through the court's records for any entries matching your details. 


Some counties have courts with online databases of court records incorporated into search portals on their websites. Others may request a fee to cover the copying of the required warrants and the hours of work that staff put in to find the warrants in question. 

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At Law Enforcement Agencies

The Police and the Sheriff are the easy picks for anyone who intends to find warrants in Kansas. They are responsible for executing the warrants and they can also keep copies of the warrants long after they've been executed. 


If you suspect that you have a warrant in the works and do not want to risk an arrest, you can hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to make the necessary inquiry on your behalf. 

They can approach the Police to request a look into their books for information related to an investigation,  arrest, or criminal record filed under your name, DOB, ID number, etc. 

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Criminal History/Background Check

A criminal background check should reveal if you have any warrants issued against you or someone else. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation provides a resource to this effect, available through name-based and fingerprint-based criminal history checks. 


The former is priced at $20 per copy and requires that you first register at the Bureau's online search portal before running a search using a first and last.


The warrants (if available) should be displayed along with other record information on probing further into the valid search result. While a mailed request for a name-based criminal history check costs $30, a fingerprint-based search(which is done in person) checks out at $45. 


You can use this method to find warrants exclusive to you, but you must first obtain a fingerprint card at the bureau and submit a filled copy to the closest Sheriff's Office.


Alternatively, you can run a criminal background check at third-party websites. You'd mostly only have to provide your name and the state where the warrant was issued in search fields provided at such websites. 


You should find any available warrants featured in searches that factor in the arrest and criminal history of the search subject. 

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