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Louisiana Court Records

Louisiana Court Records
Michelle S. June 23, 2022

With an almost 5 million population, Louisiana faces hundreds of thousands of court hearings a year. This is why there is a growing need for Louisiana court records. As a rule, most Louisiana civil court records are public, technically enabling anybody to access them if needed or out of pure interest. However, the judge may decide to make some of the public Louisiana court records confidential in some cases.

This is usually done if these Louisiana court records could harm the national safety or could harm an individual's life. Whether you need to run the Louisiana court records search, or know anybody interested in doing that, keep reading this article. It will examine who, how, and when can run the Louisiana court records search and what is the fastest way to do that.

Where to run the Louisiana court records search?

The place and way to run your search strictly depend on the type of records you aim to obtain. Generally, there are two Louisiana civil court record types: paper-based and electronic. The only option how you can run the Louisiana court records search with the paper-based records is by physically arriving at the courthouse and asking for permission to run the search.

However, if your court stores the Louisiana court records electronically, you have multiple options. The first would be by physically running the Louisiana court records search on one of the devices located at the courthouse. However, you would need to check whether you are eligible for it. The second option would be running the Louisiana court information search remotely.

In this case, it is recommended to use both the government website and the private search engine. While the Louisiana court official website would provide you with all the Louisiana court records of your interest, the private search engine, such as would back up the research with important information about the parties involved in the case.

Louisiana Court Website (

More than 50 services are available online at the Louisiana State Court website. To name a few:

Birth Records (as well as Birth Records – 100+ Years Ago)

Death records

Various License Applications and Verification

Divorce and marriage records

Public Records request

The first thing we always recommend doing is running the Louisiana court search. Once the Louisiana court search has been completed, it will noticeably facilitate and speed up the general Louisiana court records search. When requesting to run the Louisiana court records search, you need to know a few details in advance, such as the first and last name of the person and the city and the county where the case was held.

Most states require filling up formal online requests to access the Louisiana court information, even if it is public. We will examine who is eligible to do that further in this article.

Independent search engine (

We recommend backing up the Louisiana court records search with additional independent platforms. There are various platforms, some are paid, and others are free. All you have to know is the first and last name of the person of your interest and their date of birth.

Once you hit "search," you will be able to find the following information:

· Background Records

· Phone Number

· Public Records

· Address Information

· Police & Court Records

· Social Media Accounts & Information

· Marriage & Divorce Records

· Unclaimed Money Database

· Sex Offenders & Their Locations

· Privacy Program

· Mugshots

· Louisiana Criminal Court Records

· Louisiana Civil Court Records

Who is eligible to run a Louisiana court records search?

Unless you are the party in the case (able therefore to access both public and confidential court records), you must belong to one of the few groups below to run the Louisiana court records search:

· Person Authorized by a Party: or in other words, a person helping a party in the case. A party might assign a person to help them run the Louisiana court information search. After this authorization, the third party will be allowed to run the Louisiana court information search.

· Court-appointed People, Legal Aid, and Government Staff

All of the parties mentioned above can run Louisiana court records search remotely unless stated otherwise by the judge.

However, all parties mentioned above will have no access to electronic Louisiana court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records only if the judge states otherwise.

Key takeaways: Generally, a Louisiana court records search can be summarized into a few steps one needs to go through. First and foremost, you need to run the Louisiana court search to facilitate the entire process.

Second, you need to establish whether you are eligible to run the Louisiana court records search. When looking for the Louisiana civil court records, make sure to use both state and independent search platforms to get a piece of accurate information.


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