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Wyoming Death Records: How to perform a Wyoming Death Records Search

Wyoming Death Records: How to perform a Wyoming Death Records Search
November 20, 2022

Since 1909, the state of Wyoming has maintained accurate records of deaths in the state. 


These records provide essential information relating to deaths in the state, such as the name and biodata of the deceased, the date and time of their death, and their last known address.


Death records in Wyoming are open to public access in theory, although there's a statute against unauthorized access. 


Qualified and interested members of the public who wish to access these records may submit their request to the Vital Statistics division of the state's Department of Health.


Requests typically need to be made in person or by mail since the state of Wyoming does not provide online portals for vital records lookups. 


That being said, Wyoming death records can be accessed unofficially through third-party websites. 

How to Find Wyoming Death Records Online:

Third-party websites, despite being unofficial channels for locating and accessing death records in Wyoming, must be considered the most convenient way to access these records.


Certainly, they can be a good jump-off point for your Wyoming death records search. Death records in Wyoming are public records. 


As such, third-party websites and organizations are authorized to access these records and provide them to members of the public on request.

a stack of files


Requesters who choose the ease and convenience of third-party websites only need to provide the name and last known address of the record subject to perform a search. 


Since these third-party websites are not affected by geographic limitations, Wyoming death record searches can be conducted from anywhere in the country. 

Who Can Access Wyoming Death Records?

Death records in Wyoming are sealed and confidential within 50 years of their issue. 


During this period, only certain people may access these records. According to the Wyoming Department of Health, these individuals include:


* Immediate family members of the decedent, such as their spouse, parents, or child
* Legal representatives (attorneys) representing the immediate family
* Insurance companies, banks, executors of an estate, or anyone else who needs a certificate in order to take care of matters involving the estate of the decedent.


The Wyoming Department of Health will also provide a death certificate to members of the decedent's extended family who need the certificate to settle legal disputes relating to the decedent's estate. 


However, they must provide evidence of their relationship with the decedent as well as documents providing information about the dispute in question.


At the expiration of the 50-year confidential period, Wyoming death records become open to public access. 


Until then, requesters who do not qualify to access the records (by the Wyoming DoH standards), or requesters who are not named on the death certificate, must provide proof of their relationship to the deceased. 


They may also be required to present valid, government-issued IDs verifying their identity. 

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How to Access Wyoming Death Records?

The state of Wyoming keeps death records in the state in two different places for ease of access. 


Death records older than 50 years are held in the State Archives while death certificates that have not crossed the 50-year threshold may be obtained from the Vital Statistics Services.


Interested and qualified requesters may make their Wyoming death record requests in person or by mail at the office of the Vital Statistics Services at:


Vital Statistics Services,
2300 Capitol Avenue,
Hathaway Building,
Cheyenne, WY 82002


In-person requesters are required to come along with a filled-out Request for a Certified Copy of a Wyoming Vital Record and a valid, government-issued photo ID.


Requesters who wish to obtain certified copies of Wyoming death records must print and complete the official request form, then attach a valid ID and payment for the requested certificate and enclose the package in a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 


Next, they must mail the application to the above address.


If the death certificate is over 50 years old, a requester can access and obtain the document at the State Archives. 


To obtain a Wyoming death record from the State Archives, requesters must visit the department in person at:


2301 Central Avenue,
Barrett Building,
Cheyenne, WY 82002

a hand stamping a sheet of paper

Death Records Wyoming Search: How Much Does it Cost?

Requests for death records in Wyoming attract minimal fees. Death record requests made to the Wyoming Vital Statistics Services come with a standard charge of $15 for the first certified copy of the certificate. 


Requests for additional copies of the same record, made at the same time, carry a $10 charge.


Requesters who do not know the specific date on the record may have to pay more to find the record. 


The Wyoming Department of Health charges an extra $25 for every five years of records searched.


When seeking vital documents in person, all fees must be paid in cash, cashier's check, credit card, or money order. 


For mail-in requests, only checks and money orders are accepted. 


Make checks payable to Vital Statistics Services if you choose to pay with one of these. Only bank checks with the customers' names on them are accepted.

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