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Nebraska License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Nebraska

Nebraska License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Nebraska
December 7, 2022

Nebraska is one of the least populated states in the United States of America, with a total land mass of about 77,358 square miles and over 683,000 registered vehicles. 


Every registered vehicle in the state of Nebraska has a corresponding license plate number. 

The state first required its residents to register their vehicles in 1905, and until 1915 when the state started issuing plates, vehicle owners displayed their personal license plates. 


Then, Nebraska license plates were made of steel, but in 1947, Aluminium license plates began production.

According to Nebraska Statue, Section 60.3(100)(2)(b), most classes of vehicles are required to have both front and rear plates, with the exception of motorcycles and trailers that are permitted to have a single rear plate. 


Also, the law mandates that license plate designs be changed every eight years to a distinct design from the previously existing one.

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What are the Types of Nebraska License Plates?

Personalized Plates


The custom tag statement on the personalized plate can be no more than 6-7 characters long. 


Here, only numbers and letters are permitted; they must not match an existing license plate number. 


In addition, it should not be abusive or disrespectful. A personalized license costs about $40 in Nebraska.

Organizational Plates


These are for communal organizations like universities. This type of license is available to anyone, regardless of group affiliation. 


An organizational license plate costs $70, excluding the registration fee. It should be noted that these plates cannot be customized.

Military license plates


These are issued to military personnel. That is residents who serve in the armed forces, such as the army, air force, and corps. 


One must register with the Veteran's Registry to be eligible for these plates. The price is about $5, but personalizing costs about $40.

The Gold Star Plates


This plate is available to direct family members (including siblings, the surviving spouse, child, stepparent, and stepchild) of a US military member who died while serving in the military. 


The ordering and renewal processes are free for those individuals. To personalize such a plate costs about $40.

Vintage License Plates


These authentic license plates are used for vehicles produced at least 30 years ago, have retained their original appearance, and are utilized for purposes such as display or hobby. 


Furthermore, they must be given in the year the vehicle was produced. This license plate is available for $89, and they do not expire.

a blank license plate on a car

How Can I Get a Nebraska License Plate?

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) is in charge of issuing license plates in the state. 


Vehicle owner in Nebraska must register their vehicle within 30 days after purchase. 


Therefore, it is advisable to register your vehicles in the counties where you reside, and the car will be primarily used. 

To obtain your vehicle license plate, you need to register the car. For registration, interested individuals are to present the following:

* Proof of financial responsibility (vehicle insurance)
* A copy of the vehicle lease agreement
* Receipt of excise or sales tax 
* Pay the required fees. Due to the difference in registration fees and taxes according to counties, the DMV encourages individuals to reach out to their county treasurers to get accurate information. Also, the motor vehicle tax estimator can be used to determine the appropriate taxes to be paid.

Then submit the documents and fees to the County Treasurer's office in person or by mail. 


For other license plate-related issues, it is advisable to contact the DMV at (402) 471-3918. 


If you choose to register out of state, you must first have them inspected by the state's sheriff's office before registering in Nebraska. 

Next, you should contact your county treasurer's office for information on inspection hours and locations. 


After that, you must show your vehicle's title or a duplicate on file and pay the required $10 inspection fee.

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How to Look Up a License Plate in Nebraska?

A comprehensive lookup of license plates in Nebraska provides details about the vehicle, such as vehicle specifications, vehicle records, market value, vehicle safety ratings, warranty and recalls, accident history, maintenance history, traffic records, mileage, and odometer readings. 

In Nebraska, looking up license plates basically involves searching for a vehicle's records and the owner using the license plate numbers registered to the car. 


It is recommended for anyone looking to buy a used car to carry out a license plate lookup as it can help provide the necessary details about the vehicle the owner might want. 

Any interested persons can look up a Nebraska license plate using the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a small token. 


Also, the requester can make an official request with the Driver and Vehicles Records Division of the Nebraska DMV. 

Also, third-party aggregate sites are dependable sources for looking up license plates. 


These websites are managed by independent organizations that compile information from government-run repositories. 

As a result, obtaining records from these sites is frequently far more accessible than from the government. 


However, requestors may be asked to supply any necessary information, mainly the vehicle's plate number, and pay applicable fees to access the record.


In Nebraska, license plate renewal is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 


License plates for motor vehicles are valid for one year in the state. 


The Nebraska Revised Statutes, Section 60.392(3), mandates vehicle owners to renew their license plates once the one-year period expires.

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