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Inmate Search Louisiana : How To Find An Inmate In Louisiana

Inmate Search Louisiana : How To Find An Inmate In Louisiana
August 10, 2022

Your search for an inmate in Louisiana may take you through any of the federal prisons and detention camps, state prisons, county jails, and other correctional facilities around the state.

And while you can elect to visit any of these places to formally submit an inmate search request, you can explore other online-based routes that'll prove equally effective. 

There is no shortage of online resources that'll help your cause, with many of them coming from official and non-official channels behind the custody of the state's public records.

And as Louisiana's public record access is fairly encouraging, you can find inmate records in many of the search channels suggested in this article.

Our suggestions rely on the information contained in these inmate records to help in finding inmates anywhere in Louisiana, as you'll find out shortly. 

Louisiana Inmate Records Explained

Louisiana inmate records are officially filed documents that contain certain information about the inmates in any of the correctional and detention facilities across the state.

They serve to provide personal and case information, custody information, criminal-related data, and other relevant information about inmates across the state's prisons and jails.

The information in them is mostly sourced from law enforcement agencies and the facility responsible for their custody. 

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections(DPS&C) is ultimately charged with the maintenance of the records as well as the oversight of all the inmates in Louisiana's correctional centers.

However, the administration of the inmates in federal detention facilities falls outside the jurisdiction of the Louisiana DPS&C, and we'll explain more about that shortly. 

How Do I Find Inmates In Federal Detention Facilities

The Department of Criminal Justice directly oversees the four federal prisons and two detention camps in Louisiana, along with the inmates in their custody.

Through an inmate locator tool provided by the Bureau of Prisons(BOP), the department allows interested persons to perform an inmate search.

To search for an inmate using this search tool, you can go through any of the following two routes—Name-Based Search and Number-Based Search. 

While the name-based search requires you to provide the inmate's name, the latter requires fat you provide a unique inmate identification number.

The number could be issued to the inmates by either the DCDC, FBI, INS, or BOP. When you provide the details as mentioned, you should find a profile of the inmate assigned to them from which you can extract relevant information. 

How to Perform a Louisiana Prison Inmate Search

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections(DPS&) is the one-stop shop for all things related to inmate information across the state.

The department has managed to consolidate a pool of resources that can provide information about inmates across all of Louisiana's correctional facilities.

On its (DPS&C) official website, there is a well-curated collection of channels that is worth exploring for anyone looking for offender information. 

There is a sex offender registry that can be used to keep tabs on registered sex offenders around the state.

Then there's a facility locator that displays the address details and phone number of every prison, jail, and correctional facility across the state.

Finally, you can find an offender information menu that directs you to the Louisiana VINE platform. 

Whether the inmate is in a state prison or a county jail, you can find them using the offender search tool on the VINE platform.

You can also ask about an inmate by contacting the Louisiana DPS&C via the number, (225) 383-4580, the email address, [email protected], or via mail. 

How Do I Search An Inmate In A Louisiana County Jail

As we've earlier discussed, the DPS&C is responsible for the custody of inmates across the whole of Louisiana.

And as such, they're also in charge of keeping, updating, and giving out inmate records, most of which they do through the LA VINE System.

Formerly known as the Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS), the Louisiana VINE(LA VINE) platform is the state's premier Victim information system.

Depending on the county in question, it mostly displays a brief profile of the inmates in its "Rosters" feature. 

You can choose to register against each displayed offender by providing your contact information. You'll then be notified whenever there's a change to the offender's custody status.

In some other counties, the website of the Sheriff's Office may feature an inmate search tool with search parameters ranting from the inmate's name and inmate number to their age and gender. 

Searching Third-party Platforms 

Using third-party websites, you can find resources that can point you to the location of an inmate as well as the inmate's public records.

For a membership or subscription fee, you get access to unlimited search requests, and inmate searches are covered on many of these websites. 

With just the name and state where the inmate is being held, you can find a non-juvenile inmate in Louisiana while doing the bare minimum.

The correct search result should feature information from the subject's inmate records, information that can help you find them much easier. 

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