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Wyoming Warrant Records Search: How to View Warrant Records in Wyoming

Wyoming Warrant Records Search: How to View Warrant Records in Wyoming
August 24, 2022

As unlikely as this may sound, it's possible for you to have an outstanding warrant of which you're unaware.

Often, these warrants show up during routine background checks by law enforcement agents at traffic stops, becoming a much bigger problem than a traffic violation. 

That's why it's a smart move to check your records often in search of warrants.

A Wyoming warrant search can be useful for a whole lot of things, but, for the most part, it'll save you from getting caught unprepared and help you decide on appropriate legal steps. 

There are a few ways to view warrant records in the state of Wyoming by yourself. We'll explain all of them in this guide. 

What You Should Know About Warrants in Wyoming

In Wyoming, as in most other states in the United States, warrants are issued by judges who have been convinced by law enforcement agents of probable cause linking a person or space to a criminal offense.

Warrants are, therefore, court orders granting law enforcement officers the authority to arrest the person listed on the warrant or search or seize the property identified in it. 

Warrants issued by courts in Wyoming are immediately uploaded to the state or county's law enforcement database and are accessible by law enforcement officers throughout the state.

Law enforcement officers are authorized to execute active warrants in any part of the state.

In a few cases, and depending on the gravity of the offense, federal officers or law enforcement agencies in other states may execute active warrants issued in the state of Wyoming. 

How to Find Warrants in the state of Wyoming

In Wyoming, only law enforcement agencies and a select category of employers may access crime history data, since Wyoming is a closed records state.

Further, individuals are not permitted to access the crime history of a third party; they may only conduct personal searches. Nevertheless, you can find warrants in the state of Wyoming in the following ways:

Finding Wyoming Warrants Online

Warrants in the state of Wyoming are typically issued at the city or county level, and consequently, there is no central database of warrant records in the state.

The state of Wyoming does not also offer a state-wide warrant search service. 

Having said that, each county in Wyoming maintains an official database of warrant records, and quite a few of them offer online access to their database.

Counties that offer free online warrant searches include Natrona, Casper, Campbell, Weston, and Wheatland. 

To perform a warrant search online, visit the website of the county sheriff's office or the government website associated with the county and search their warrant database.

Instead of a database, some counties provide a list of recently issued or outstanding warrants on their websites. 

Before carrying out an online warrant search, you'll need to be sure of the county where the warrant was issued.

You'll also be required to provide the correct name of the subject. 

Through Third-party Websites

If you're unable to find the information you seek on government platforms (some government websites have broken links), third-party websites are decent alternatives.

These platforms detailed warrant information that they are authorized to access from a variety of law enforcement databases in the state.

You may be required to pay a small fee for access to their services, but, when it comes to ease and convenience, third-party websites are pretty much unrivaled. 

By Telephone

You may also search for warrants in the state of Wyoming by telephone.

If you have access to the phone number of the appropriate county's official phone number, you may place a call to them during normal business hours and request to verify your warrant status.

If you don't have this number, you may search online for it. 

You may need to be cautious with this option, however. Before you contact the law enforcement agency directly, you may need to seek the advice and guidance of your attorney.

Law enforcement officers may attempt to question you over the phone and an attorney can keep you from providing information that may potentially be damaging to your interests. 

Personal Background Report

An official, personal background report can reveal any outstanding warrant along with a host of other personal information.

If you need one of these reports for whatever reasons, you'll need to contact the office of the Wyoming Attorney General.

The standard application fee for a statewide report is $15, with an additional $24 being the applicable fee for an FBI report. 

To make an application for a personal background report, you'll need to send a package containing fingerprint cards and a check or money order worth $15 to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at 315 West 22nd Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002. 

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