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Oregon Warrant Search: How to Find Warrants in Oregon

Oregon Warrant Search: How to Find Warrants in Oregon
September 4, 2022

Oregon residents are protected from illegal detention, seizures, and harassment by the Fourth Amendment and other laws to that effect, but people who are suspected of committing a crime or holding state courts in contempt may have those rights temporarily withheld. Warrants provide legal backing for officers to carry out any of those acts.


Warrants in Oregon are typically issued without the knowledge of their subjects and often executed openly. If you’ve fallen foul of state laws in your recent past, or you’ve been involved in an altercation that you feel may result in a warrant, your best move is to check your records for warrants as soon as possible and take steps to seize control of the situation.


Here’s how to find warrants in Oregon:

Oregon Warrants Explained

Warrants are official documents that allow law enforcement officers to legally arrest, detain, or search people or properties suspected of involvement in a crime. Judicial officers in the state reserve the right to sign and issue warrants. 


However, this can only come after they’ve examined a written complaint from an affiant and discerned the presence of a justifiable reason or probable cause to believe that the subject of the warrant is guilty of the stated crime.


a man's hands handcuffed behind his back


The name and personal identifying details of the accused, information on the alleged criminal act that took place, evidence that was used to create probable cause, and specific instruction to law enforcement personnel to arrest the alleged offender should all be included in active warrants. 


Any peace officer may arrest a suspect identified on a warrant at any time, anywhere within their jurisdiction, and at any time. Depending on the offense, there is even a possibility that a suspect might be detained outside the county where the warrant was issued. 


However, such actions may only apply in cases where the offender has committed a felony or a serious misdemeanor.


There are different warrants for different legal purposes in Oregon. Judicial officers may issue any of them based on their determination of the type and nature of the offense.

Types of Oregon Warrants

A court may issue an active arrest warrant, a search warrant, or a bench warrant depending on the circumstances of the incident and the seriousness of the offense.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is typically issued by judicial officers in Oregon after determining the existence of probable cause for an arrest in complaints submitted by law enforcement officers. 

a 3D illustration of the words arrest warrant on a pavement behind a police tape


An arrest warrant permits peace officers to legally arrest and detain a suspect. Warrants issued by judges apply to the whole state, whereas warrants issued by magistrates are limited to offenses that occur within their jurisdiction.


Every Oregon arrest warrant will carry the date it was issued, the county where it was released, the signature of the judge who issued the warrant, and the name of their office. 


The conditions of imprisonment will also be specified in the warrants for arrest, especially if they differ from those outlined in the statutes. The document will also include a description of the release clause if one applies.

Search Warrants

Judges grant search warrants upon the request of law enforcement officials. These documents give law enforcement the right to search homes connected to criminal investigations and confiscate particular objects as evidence in a subsequent trial.


Judges in Oregon only issue search warrants after establishing probable cause, and search warrants will not be considered valid if they do not specify the name of the subject, the specific object being sought, and the identity of the judge that issued them.

handcuffs in front of a police car in a dark street

Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a directive that a judge issues from the bench giving police the authority to detain someone who has skipped court. When someone has previously appeared in court on a certain issue but missed future court dates, bench warrants under the Oregon Revised Statutes frequently result.

How to Find Warrants in Oregon?

These are the best places to look when you need to find warrant information in Oregon.

Court Records

Courts in Oregon are official repositories of public records, including warrant information. If you’re looking for warrant information for yourself or someone else, you may access non-criminal data through online court records. You may also make your inquiries in person at local courts.

a lady of justice small figurine standing on a warrant next to handcuffs

Law Enforcement Agencies

Obtaining an Oregon search warrant may also be accomplished by contacting law enforcement. A warrant search can be performed by anyone at the Oregon State Police's Identification Services Unit. 


Public documents are posted online by the department in response to inquiries regarding crime data checks. You may also get in touch with the Background Check Unit of the Oregon Department of Human Services by mail or telephone.

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