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Wyoming Public Records: How to Perform a Wyoming Public Records Search

Wyoming Public Records: How to Perform a Wyoming Public Records Search
September 28, 2022

To foster greater transparency (and consequently, greater trust in government), the Wyoming state government makes public records in Wyoming easily accessible. 


Per the state’s Sunshine Laws, public records in Wyoming are to be made accessible to interested members of the public on request, except for those records protected by law.


Wyoming public records can be accessed by contacting the designated office that handles the maintenance and dissemination of those records. 


Alternatively, they can be accessed on third-party public record aggregate websites.


In this article, we shall be considering how to find and access a variety of public records in the state of Wyoming.


How to Perform a Wyoming Public Records Search:


You can perform a public records Wyoming search in several ways. Whether you want to perform a Wyoming free public records search or contact local authorities for the search, here is what to do:

Wyoming Vital Records Explained

Vital records in the state of Wyoming are those records pertaining to the birth, marriage, divorce, or death of Wyoming residents. 


Although these records are considered public records in Wyoming, they typically have various periods of confidentiality during which time they may only be available to a specific group of people. 

a hand stamping a sheet of paper


Once this statutory period of confidentiality elapses (100 years for birth records and 50 years for the others), these records become entirely open to public inspection.


Requesters of Wyoming vital records must know and provide sufficient information about the event and participants. 


In most cases, they may also be required to provide proof of relationship to the record’s subject(s) before access to the record can be granted.

How to Obtain Wyoming Vital Records

To obtain certified copies of Wyoming vital records, interested individuals must present a government-issued photo ID along with a completed application form at the appropriate office. 


The record custodian will not process the request without a court order if the requesting party is not otherwise eligible for access.


Wyoming residents seeking an unofficial alternative can find and access vital records on third-party aggregate sites. 


Interested requestors can obtain unofficial vital records upon providing the name of the subject and the location of the desired record.

clock letters that read public records

Wyoming Marriage Records

Interested and eligible persons can request a marriage record by downloading and completing the certified marriage record request form provided by the Wyoming Health Department Vital Statistics Services Office.


Marriage information, including the parties involved and the requestor, must be legibly displayed on the application. 


Each request for these Wyoming public records comes with a $20 charge, and a government-issued photo ID is required for all requesters. Mail or in-person applications are to be submitted to:


Vital Statistics Services
2300 Capitol Avenue
Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002

shutterstock_654262834 (1).jpg

Wyoming Divorce Records

People eligible to acquire divorce records can do so by contacting the court clerk in the court where the divorce occurred. 


Alternatively, these records are available through the Wyoming Vital Statistics Service. An application form may be downloaded and completed by anyone who is interested and qualifies.


Along with the aforementioned, requestors are required to include a government-issued photo ID and a $20 payment by check or money order to cover copying and certification fees. 


All requests may be made in person or by mail to the same address listed above.

Wyoming Birth Records

Birth records in Wyoming are accessible to people who qualify under specific state requirements. 


Eligible individuals seeking birth records must contact the state's Vital Records office or the office of the county clerk in person. 


Replacement birth certificates can also be obtained from these organizations. Interested and qualified individuals can request birth certificates by downloading and completing a birth record request form.


To request a birth record in Wyoming, you must send a copy of your driver’s license or a valid Wyoming ID along with a $20 fee payable by check or money order. Send your request by mail or in-person to the above-listed address.

certificate of live birth

Wyoming Death Records

A name-based search for Wyoming death records can be initiated by contacting Wyoming's vital records office. 


You can request a search for a death certificate by downloading the death records request form. 


You will be required to submit an application and a government-issued ID, as well as a $20 check or money order to the same address listed above.

How to Obtain Wyoming Criminal Records

The easiest way to find and obtain criminal records in Wyoming is by performing a fingerprint-based search through the state’s Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Background Check/Applicant Tracking System.


The fingerprints of the subject must be taken on an FBI-approved fingerprint card, and the requester must fill out the top portion of the card with information. 


The background check costs $15 and fingerprinting costs $5 at the DCI. A certified check or money order must be included with the application as payment for these costs.


Alternatively, you may obtain criminal records at your local district court. Note that copy fees may apply.

a man's finger being fingerprinted

How to Obtain Wyoming Court Records

When attempting to obtain court records in Wyoming, the first step is to identify the Wyoming court where the lawsuit was filed. 


Access to the necessary record may be obtained by submitting a request to the court's record custodian. 


If you wish to see electronic versions of the current records, you can request them from the clerks of court during business hours or at the public access terminal at the courthouse.


Courts in the state of Wyoming also provide a Public Docket Tool through which members of the public can access information recorded in cases docketed in the Supreme Court.

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