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Vermont Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Vermont

Vermont Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Vermont
July 21, 2022

You can find mugshots in Vermont in several official and unofficial ways. Mugshots in Vermont are typically included in an offender’s arrest or criminal record.

According to the Vermont Freedom of Information Act, these records are public and are available to members of the public. 

To find mugshots in Vermont, you can check the online database maintained and provided by the state’s Department of Corrections. We’ll explain how, along with a few other methods, in this article.


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Information Contained In Vermont Arrest Records


Arrest records in Vermont are created by the jurisdiction in charge of investigations. However, they do not serve as definitive proof that the person committed a crime. Information that you’ll generally find on Vermont arrest records includes:


* The full name of the accused and any other alias they go by

* Personal details of the subject, including their gender, ethnicity, nationality, and birthdate

* Date and place of the arrest

* Name of the arresting officer or warrant issuer

* The most current case status

* Address of the holding facility


Accessing Vermont Arrest Records


You may request mugshots of people arrested by the Vermont State Police without necessarily having to access the state’s arrest records if you’re certain that your subject has been arrested by the VSP at some point. 


Remember to include the suspect's name, date of arrest, age, and the barracks where they were detained when you request a mugshot.


It’s also important to note that if the defendant was released or if a photo was not taken for whatever reasons, there may not be any photos to speak of. Also, the VSP may not release arrest mugshots taken by other agencies.


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Not only are Vermont arrest records open to the public, but they can be accessed free of charge as well.


You may make your request online or by sending direct mail to the VSP. Alternatively, you may use the Public Records Ordering arrest search tool on the state’s website to locate arrest records in the state for free.


A few restrictions are in place, however, and certain records may be unavailable for public perusal.


What You Can Get From Vermont Inmate Records?


Vermont inmate records are official records that provide information about inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities in the state along with the location of these facilities.


Personal details of inmates such as their complete name and alias, birth date, gender, nationality/ethnicity,  and other biological information are often included.


Crime-related information such as criminal indictments and sentences are also commonly included in these records.


How To Find Vermont Inmate Records


In general, the public has access to most inmate-related information. The Vermont Department of Corrections provides an online inmate database that contains both generic and inmate-specific information, such as an inmate's biodata and criminal charges, as well as the detainee's imprisonment date and anticipated release date.


Any information not available in the web database can be retrieved by contacting the inmate's housing facility.


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 Criminal Records in Vermont


In addition to the personal data of offenders and other relevant conviction information, Vermont criminal records contain a mugshot and a full set of fingerprints of the accused.


And in Vermont, criminal records are made available to anyone who requests them.


How You Can Access Vermont Criminal Records


In Vermont, you can request criminal records or conduct background checks on individuals by contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Requests can be made over the phone, in person, or through the mail. Remember that the authorized agency in charge of keeping criminal records may require payment to obtain the requested document.


It’s possible to obtain public criminal records for free, but the information you’ll get using this option may not be as comprehensive as it should be. Having said that, copy fees apply even with a free criminal record search.


To make a criminal record request by mail, send a mail to the Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC), the agency whose responsibility it is to provide access to criminal records in the state:


Vermont Crime Information Center

45 State Drive

Waterbury, VT 05671-1300

Telephone: (802) 244-8727

Fax: (802) 241-5552


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Third-Party Platforms


Also known as background check services, third-party websites offer a convenient (albeit not free) option when you need to find an offender’s mugshot in Vermont.


These platforms maintain a detailed database of public records and can often provide the required results in a matter of seconds.


How to Get a Mugshot From Third-Party Platforms


Third-party websites provide labeled text boxes on their platforms requesting whatever information (usually names and addresses) you can provide about your subject.


You may narrow down your search by providing more information about them. Typically, the website displays its results once it has matched your provided information with available records in its database. In some instances, however, the records may be emailed or mailed to you. 


Background check services such as prisonhandbook, backgroundcheck, and recordsfinder offer detailed records of people in Vermont and beyond.


If you’d prefer not to use these resources, you may search state or county records, visit local police department websites, search the state’s sex offender registry, or visit the state’s department of corrections website.

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