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Utah Court Records Search

Utah Court Records Search
August 1, 2022

If you have ever been interested in running a Utah court records search, this article will be helpful to you.


All the possibilities of running a Utah court records search, and the eligibility criteria for that will be examined further in the article.

Who is eligible to run a Utah court records search?


In most cases, the eligibility for running the Utah court records search depends on the types of Utah court records.


Generally, there are two types of court records: public and confidential. As a rule, everybody has access to public Utah court information.


The reason behind that is the transparency and justice of the US legal system. The majority of Utah civil court records are public.


Nonetheless, not all Utah court records are public; namely, those considered sensitive to an individual or national safety are sealed from the public. 


scales next to a stack of folders


Only a party in the case is eligible to access both confidential and public Utah court records. In all other cases you need to belong to any of the following groups:


· A person authorized by a party

A third party authorized by a party is eligible to run a Utah court search and help the party look up all the Utah court information on the case.


· Legal Aid and Government Staff

People who represent legal aid and the government can access Utah civil court records remotely.


· Court-appointed people

People appointed by the Utah court are eligible to execute the Utah court records search.


It is worth noting that all parties mentioned above will have no access to electronic Utah court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records unless stated otherwise by the court.


Where to run the Utah court records search?


The ways you can run a Utah court records search strictly depend on the type of Utah court records you are aiming to search for.


If your district court only has paper Utah court records, then the only way you could run a Utah court records search, in this case, would be by physically visiting the courthouse and getting permission from the judge.


However, if a court has digital Utah court records, you have the possibility of choosing the way how you want to run your Utah court records search.


One option would be running the Utah court records search on the devices located at the courthouse, while the second option enables you to run the Utah court records search remotely.


All you need for remote access to the Utah court information is an electronic device and access to the internet. We will examine which websites it is better to use for this below.


a man's hand holding a pen over a stack of folders



Utah State Courts Public Website (


Using a government website, such as the Utah state courts website, is one of the best tools to run the Utah court records search.


The website provides you with ample Utah court information about the case while giving you the possibility to fill up the documents online and get an interpreter, attorney, or even self-representative self-help materials.


The Utah state Court website also allows you to run the Utah court search. Knowing the court where the case was held before running an actual Utah court records search should be one of the first steps to take.


You need to know the county and ZIP code of the place, where the court is located, and preferably the type of court (e.g., the court of appeals, supreme, circuit court) to run the Utah court records search. Once the court is known to you, you are able to run the Utah court records search. You would need the following information for this:


* First and Last Names of the Party 

* Their Birthdate

* Type of Court

* Date when the lawsuit was filed 

* Case Number


Note that in most cases, the Utah civil court records you found would cost as little as 1 US dollar per page. 


a man's hands typing on a laptop


Independent Search Engine (


Having gained some information about the case, you are able to back up your Utah court records search with some background information on the parties involved in the case.


There are multiple independent search platforms where you could do that. Some are free, others are paid, and the rest are hybrid (containing both free and paid features). is one of the best platforms to do that.


Once you hit the "search" button, you can look up the following information:


* Background Records

* Phone Number

* Public Records

* Address Information

* Police & Court Records

* Social Media Accounts & Information

* Marriage & Divorce Records

* Unclaimed Money Database

* Sex Offenders & Their Locations

* Privacy Program

* Mugshots

* Utah Court Records

* Utah Civil Court Records


If you still have some questions after reading this article, get in touch with the court directly. However, familiarizing yourself with the terms which will, later on, be used at the courthouse is recommended.

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