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Delaware License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Delaware

Delaware License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Delaware
November 1, 2022

In 1905, the American state of Delaware made the first step to mandate car registration for its citizens. 


However, before the state started issuing license plates in 1909, registrants had to show their plates. 

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), through its Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), is charged with the task of license plate issuance.


Under Delaware law, automobiles must be titled and registered before being driven on state roads. 

After moving to Delaware, new residents have 60 days to title and register their vehicles. 


Before applying for a title or registration, the vehicle must pass a safety and emissions examination at any DMV site.

A license plate application must be submitted within 30 days of purchasing a car in Delaware. 


Then, when you register your vehicle, Delaware license plates will be supplied to you. The Delaware Code's Title 21, Chapter 21, mandates that all motor vehicles always have their license plates visible. 

In addition, the stickers indicating the year and month of expiration must be on the lower right corner of the license plates, which must be connected to the back of the vehicle unless they are truck tractors pulling trailers or semi-trailers, of course. 

An owner of a truck tractor must prominently display their license plate on the front of the vehicle. 


The penalties for operating a car without a license plate are outlined in Section 2126 of Title 21, Chapter 21 of the Delaware Code.

a man attaching an license plate to a vehicle

What is a Delaware License Plate Lookup?

A Delaware license plate lookup involves checking the license plate number against multiple web directories to find all the information about a license plate. 


It could also be necessary to look up this information at locations dealing with license plate issues. 

People in the state perform a Delaware license plate search for a variety of reasons. 


Delaware traffic records and related information can be found by performing a license plate search in Delaware, which is the most popular motive. 

A license plate lookup typically discloses information about the vehicle's past, which aids anyone looking to purchase a used car in making an informed choice. 


Additionally, people search for a vehicle's owner using their license plate. 

Conducting a license plate lookup ensures you get specific details, including the current owner of the car (some of which are kept private), technical specifications of the vehicle, the fuel efficiency of a car if there is a problem with the registration and the vehicle's current market value.

Categories of Delaware License Plate

Special License Plates: According to the Delaware DMV, only trucks or cars that weigh less than three-quarters of a ton, or the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating, are eligible to receive these license plates. 


Fundraising efforts for specialized state organizations are carried out using these license plates. 

a sign that reads driver licenses

These include the Stop Child Abuse, Environmental, and Keep Delaware Beautiful plates, Animal Welfare plates, and License plates for the Agricultural Farmland Preservation and the Delaware Equine Council.

Organizational License Plates: These plates are provided in Delaware to current or previous members of specific organizations or groups. 


Military and college license plates fall under this group of license plate types. 

Organizations or their members must meet particular requirements to be eligible. 


In Delaware, individuals who are a part of non-profit organizations can also apply for organizational license plates. 

Personalized License Plates: These license plates may display a single letter, a string of letters, or a combination of letters and numbers. 


No vehicle may have an inscription using merely numbers. 


A personalized license plate containing letters or a mix of letters and numbers cannot be more than seven characters. 

Whatever combination the owner decides, a motorcycle can only have a maximum of five characters. 


The DMV only issues personalized license plates for automobiles with Delaware registration. 

Search Colorado License Plate: How to Perform the Query?

There are three primary ways of performing a Delaware license plate lookup. These include:

Colorado DMV license plate search: the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers a license plate lookup service for individuals who want to learn more about vehicles or people with a particular license plate. 

You might also do this by contacting the state of Delaware directly and asking for information on your license plate number. 

car-shaped keychain and car keys hovering over a man's hand


The document you require for this is the Delaware Vehicle Records Request Form. In addition, you will be able to inquire about your driving history and the history of the vehicle you are driving.

Another alternative for a Delaware license plate search is to use public record platforms that provide license plate and vehicle information. 


This search on third-party databases is the easiest way of looking up a Delaware License Plate. 


These platforms can be free or paid, including VIN Check, DVH, and License Plate Lookup.

The absolute last but effective alternative is to work with a private investigator to research the license plate and car information you're curious about.


In Delaware, it is legal to run a license plate search, and it is recommended for residents of the state perform a Delaware license plate lookup with every intended vehicle purchase. 


Using the Vehicle Identification Number has also been made possible as the Delaware DMV links a vehicle VIN with its license plates. 


To help people find recalled vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also offers a free VIN search tool.

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