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Mississippi Court Records Search

Mississippi Court Records Search
July 4, 2022

Mississippi courts hold thousands of hearings annually, and all court records are kept in the courthouse's databases. Pretty much everybody can run the Mississippi court records search.

The more access the public has to the Mississippi civil court records; the more transparent and justified the American legal system.


However, court records that could harm an individual's well-being or might jeopardize national safety could be withdrawn from the public eye even if they were considered public. Confidential court records include "juvenile dependency" and "juvenile delinquency" cases.

Mississippi court records on "juvenile dependency" contain records of cases where the child is removed from their parents, whereas the "juvenile delinquency" court cases showcase the accusations that a child has committed a crime. 


In any of the aforementioned cases, Mississippi court records are not accessible to the public.


How you could access the Mississippi civil court records strictly depends on how these records are stored: on paper or digitally.


Talking about paper-based Mississippi court records, your only option would be physically going to the courthouse and asking for permission to run the search.


However, if we talk about digital Mississippi court information, the search could be run in two ways: physically at the courthouse or remotely from home. This article will examine who and how can run the Mississippi court records search.


a gavel, handcuffs and a stack of books on a table

Where to run the Mississippi court records search? 


If you have established that the Mississippi court records of your interest are stored electronically, you need to do the following things:


1. Run the Mississippi court search


The best advice we could give you is to always start your search with the Mississippi court search. Knowing the court where the case was held comes in handy if you want to keep your Mississippi court records search quick and steady.


Additionally, running the Mississippi court search would help you establish whether the court offers the possibility to run the Mississippi court records search remotely. 


Not all of the courts offer such a possibility, and not all those who do so do it for free. Some American courts can charge you as much as 1 US dollar per page.


2. Use both official government and independent search engines


Even though such situations happen on rare occasions, some people might have the same name, last name, or even identical birth dates. This is why to ensure the accuracy of the information found. 


It is always better to back up your search at the official government website with a private engine search.


an illustration of a search bar

State of Mississippi Judiciary Website (


To run the Mississippi court records search on the State of Mississippi Judiciary website, you would need to know the first and last names of the parties.


Independent search engine (


Such independent search engines as provide you with backup information about the parties involved in the case. They are perfect for ensuring the information provided by the official Mississippi Judiciary website is accurate. 


You could choose various platforms to run the search paid, free, and hybrid (mainly free but including some paid features).


To run the Mississippi civil court records to search using, you need to know the person's first and last name and birth date.


Once you hit the "search" button, you can look up the following information:


· Background Records

· Phone Number

· Public Records

· Address Information

· Police & Court Records

· Social Media Accounts & Information

· Marriage & Divorce Records

· Unclaimed Money Database

· Sex Offenders & Their Locations

· Privacy Program

· Mugshots

· Mississippi Criminal Court Records

· Mississippi Civil Court Records


a man holding papers behind a desk with a gavel and scales on it

Who is eligible to run a Mississippi court records search?


You would be entitled to run a Mississippi court records search if:


• You are a party in the case


Only if you are a party in the case will you be able to access both "confidential" and "public" Mississippi court information.


If you are not a party in the case, you will be able to run the Mississippi court information search only if you are:


· Person Authorized by a Party


A party might assign a third party to help them run a Mississippi court records search. In this case, the authorized person could access Mississippi court information on the case. 


However, this does not apply to electronic records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records.


a man holding a phone in front of a laptop

· Court-appointed People


Sometimes, a court might appoint people to access the Mississippi court information.


· Legal Aid and Government Staff can access public Mississippi civil court records remotely. However, all parties mentioned above will have no access to electronic Mississippi court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records.


Key takeaways: Check which type of Mississippi court records you have. If they are electronic, run a Mississippi court search to identify whether you can access them remotely. If so, back up your search using private search engines like

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