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Texas Inmate Search : How to Find Inmates in the State of Texas

Texas Inmate Search : How to Find Inmates in the State of Texas
August 8, 2022

The Texas prison system is one of the largest in the world. According to available records, there are about 106 correctional facilities in the state.

Yet, thanks to the Texas Public Information Act and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s online inmate search tool, you can find inmates in Texas in a matter of minutes.

If you're interested in locating an inmate in Texas, there are official and unofficial ways to accomplish your goal. In this article, we have detailed the most effective ways to locate inmates in Texas. 

About Texas Inmate Records

Texas's inmate records provide a means of identifying individuals in the state's numerous detention facilities. All levels of government, including the state, counties, cities, and private organizations, operate prisons and jails.

Among the information kept in these facilities on inmates are both personal details (i.e. names, genders, ages, and birth dates) and administrative details (such as custody status, location, and identification number).

As per the Texas Public Information Act, the general public can access this information through a variety of record custodians.

The TDCJ database can be accessed using the department's inmate search tool, or you can contact the department by phone or email to seek information about inmates.

However, there are other online resources where you can look up TDCJ inmates' records. Although there may be a fee for the service, using these websites is a simple and practical choice.

How to Locate Inmates in Texas Prisons

The TDCJ keeps a comprehensive database of inmate records. Members of the public can easily access these records through the department's free online inmate locator.

To use this tool, go to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website, click on Inmate Information, and then on the next page, click on Online Inmate Search.

Enter your subject's first and last name as well as his or her TDCJ number or State Identification Number (SID).

Even if you don't know their TDCJ or SID numbers, you can still search for them. It is not required to provide the inmate's race or gender, but doing so can help narrow down your search.

By Telephone

Call the general information hotline at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283 to make your inmate search request over the phone. On weekdays, you can call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The subject's name and TDCJ or SID number will be requested, among other information. If you are unable to supply any of those details, you must provide the inmate's precise date of birth in order for a search to be conducted.

By Email

Some of the inmate details you can get by making an email request include:

* TDCJ number


Offense of Conviction

Current incarceration details

Incarceration history

Projected release date

On request, each of these details can be provided, but your email must include specific details about what you need.

Send an email containing the inmate’s full name and TDCJ number to [email protected] requesting access to an inmate's records.

When you're drafting your email, use the inmate's name as the topic of your email. If you don't know the inmate's TDCJ number, submit their precise date of birth, or their approximate age and country of conviction.

Through Third-party Websites

According to the Texas Public Information Act, inmate records in Texas are public records. Third-party websites include these records in their databases, and for a small fee, you may perform inmate searches on their platforms. 

Third-party websites have an extensive collection of public records in their possession, with inmate records, court records, and criminal records featuring in their database.

To find an inmate on these websites, you'll mainly be required to provide the subject's name and last known address (city/state/county).

And if the subject has a criminal conviction in the state other than a juvenile or a special case, it should be found on the website. 

How to Locate Inmates in Texas Jails

Start by going to the county or city website for any Texas county or city to find out who is currently being held there. County sheriff's offices run county jails, while city police agencies typically manage city jails.

These facilities typically only house those who are awaiting trial and those who are serving brief terms, which are frequently the result of petty charges.

To learn more about the jail in the municipality, go to the section of the county sheriff's office's website or the police department's section of a city website.

These websites frequently feature inmate search tools, for the purpose of locating people who are being held in local jails.

You may also search the county or city website for the phone number of the jail or the law enforcement organization in charge of the detention facility.

The county/city jail's physical address and phone number are among the details provided. Visit the jail in person or contact them by telephone for an inmate search in Texas.

In a Nutshell

You can find inmates in any of the correctional facilities in Texas online or in person. This article details all the ways of finding inmates or inmate records in Texas. 

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