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New Hampshire License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in New Hampshire

New Hampshire License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in New Hampshire
December 8, 2022

The State of New Hampshire requires every vehicle within its territory to have a current registration, driver’s ID, proof of auto insurance, and a license plate number. 


These requirements are mandatory for every new or used vehicle in the state and must be done within the first 30 days of purchase. 

After filing your paperwork, you will be provided with new tags and license plates, including a title transfer form and bill of sale. 


License plates are crucial in tracking and identifying a vehicle with its owner. 

In this article, we shall be providing you with valuable guides on how to perform a lookup of license plates in New Hampshire.

Overview of New Hampshire License Plates

A New Hampshire license plate is a flat object made from plastic or metallic materials containing a set of numbers and alphabets that is fastened to the body of a vehicle. 


These digits, known as plate numbers, are distinct to every vehicle, and no two vehicles have the same license plate numbers. 

New Hampshire is a two-plate state, meaning that vehicle owners must attach two license plates to the front and rear of their vehicles. 


The state, however, makes an exception for certain classes of vehicles, such as motorcycles, trucks, bikes, and trailers; these automobiles are allowed to attach only one license plate at the rear side. 

a car key on money notes

The present New Hampshire license plate design was introduced in 1999. The plate contains the Great Stone Face, also known as the Old Man of the Mountain, and the Cannon Mountain. 


The inscription “New Hampshire” is found at the central part of the license plate. 

The New Hampshire Department of Safety, through its Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), is responsible for issuing license plates in the state. 


In addition, the Division of Motor Vehicles administers temporary license plates to new vehicles, pending the arrival of New Hampshire plates in the mail. 

The Division of Motor Vehicles maintains a register of types of license plates. 


Below are some of the most common types of New Hampshire license plates:

Decal license plates: 


This class of license plates look like the regular New Hampshire license plates; however, they possess a “3”x3” blank square on the left part of the plate. 

They are issued in both passenger and veteran plates. Interested persons seeking a decal license plate must contact any 501(c)(3) agencies approved by the New Hampshire legislature rather than the Division of Motor Vehicles. 

Veteran license plates


This class of plates are issued to past members of the armed forces in accordance with the provisions of Section 261:87-b of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA).

Vanity license plates


These types of license plates are usually customized plates. They include items like symbols, letters, and a combination of alphanumeric characters.

Passenger license plates


These are the standard and most popular type of license plates in New Hampshire and typically include the “Old Man of the Mountain” design.

a blank license plate on a car

Conservative parks license plates


These are the popular New Hampshire license plates with the moose logo on the left and the park logo on the right.

State parks license plates


This class of license plates is issued to cars visiting New Hampshire State Parks. 

Conservative (Moose) license plates: These are regular plates bearing the moose logo on the left side.

Why You Should Perform a License Plate Lookup

Looking up a license plate is a top priority for every person looking to purchase a used vehicle in New Hampshire. 


The records and information obtained from this lookup will guide a potential buyer searching for a vehicle. 

It will display the real condition and history of the vehicle you are considering. Below are some of the reasons why you should perform a plate lookup in New Hampshire:

Verify Title and Ownership History 

Conducting a lookup in New Hampshire will determine whether the car is clear and clean or junked, flooded, rescued, or repaired. 


Ownership details can also be confirmed, including the details of the personal owners. 


This will help you to determine if the seller has a valid right of ownership that can be legally transferred.

Check for Potential Red Flags 

A license plate lookup will provide you with a vehicle history report. This will show if the vehicle has safety red flags like:

* Damages to the body 
* History of injuries 
* Robbery involvement
* Titles for junk and salvage


A properly conducted lookup will provide you with the vehicle’s odometer readings, which ensures you become aware if there is an odometer fraud or not. 


For example, suppose the odometer at sales is lower than the real records displayed; then it has been tampered with. You can also determine the decoder readings by doing this. 

How to Conduct a License Plate Lookup in New Hampshire

Running a plate number lookup includes looking for the details connected to a license plate, such as details of the past owner(s) and vehicle specifications. 


The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles maintains an online database of license plate records accessible to owners of vehicles. Interested parties can conduct transactions on the site using any of these methods:

Search New Hampshire License Plate: By booking an appointment

You can conduct a plate number lookup by reserving an appointment with the DMV. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Division of Motor Vehicles website
2. Click on the “appointment and services” button
3. Click on “suspension, tickets, and driving records”
4. Select your choice service and click on “make an appointment”
5. Complete the e-document, including the vehicle’s license plate number
6. Select a branch and the most suitable date and time for you
7. Submit the form

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup: DMV website

1. Visit the DMV site and click on “online services”
2. Click on “request your driving records”
3. Enter the required information, including your license plate number
4. Click on submit

This service is online and provided only to motor vehicle record holders. You will be required to provide details, such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, New Hampshire driver’s license, etc. 

a man pressing a 3D illustration of a search bar

Contact the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles at:

23 Hazen Drive,
Concord, NH 03305

Finally, you can also visit third-party websites offering license plate lookup services. 


Some sites offer free services, while others cost money; however, paid services usually provide more comprehensive details than free services. 


You can also contact a lawyer or private investigator to file a release of vehicle records form at the Division of Motor Vehicles. 


Conducting a license plate lookup is crucial before buying a pre-owned vehicle. 


You can run a New Hampshire license plate lookup using the methods discussed above. This will provide you with insightful details about your prospective vehicle.

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