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Texas Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records Texas

Texas Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records Texas
September 12, 2022

Texas arrest records are official documents containing the details of a person taken into custody for involvement in an alleged crime. 


Arrest records are created following arrests for committing offenses as minor as misdemeanors like a breach of peace. 


They are treated as part of an individual's criminal history and contain all the details of the alleged crime, such as the location and date of the arrest, and the address of the holding facility. 

In addition, they detail the personal information of the accused such as name, age, gender, ethnicity or nationality, the name of the arresting officer, or the issuer of the arrest warrant. 


It contains details of past arrests and the outcome of the arrests, be it conviction or acquittal. It displays all relevant information concerning a person's criminal history. 

Arrest records are considered public documents in Texas and open to residents of the state. 


The Texas Freedom of Information Act (TFIOA) compels state law enforcement agencies and government bodies to make arrest records, alongside other government records, available to members of the public. 


The law enforcement agencies making the arrests, usually the county sheriff or police departments, are tasked with maintaining the arrest records. 

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Procedures on How to Find Your Texas Arrest Records

In the state of Texas, arrest records are kept by law enforcement agencies present in various jurisdictions of the state. 


The two major places where you can find an arrest record include the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Judicial Department of Texas. The following are the procedures involved in finding arrest records in Texas:

The Texas Department of Public Safety

You can obtain an arrest record online or offline from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The body keeps different records, such as arrest records which you can search for by name on the website. 


You will be required to submit a set of fingerprints to the agency during your application. 

The fingerprints will be used in retrieving the individual's arrest records from the DPS database. You can also request physical copies, which can be collected at the Department of Public Safety.

You will be expected to pay $24.95 for the retrieval of your arrest record. The payment is usually made at the time of the appointment for fingerprinting. Once payment is completed, you should expect to receive the arrest record within ten days.


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The Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission

Another way to find arrest records in Texas is through the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission, also known as (JBCC).


The commission is empowered by the provisions of Rule 12 of the Rules of Judicial Administration to process requests for information or records such as arrest records. You can obtain arrest records from the JBCC through any of the following ways:

Application by Email

The JBCC provides the procedures for obtaining information by email on its website. The mail should include the following details:

* The first and last name of the applicant 
* The nature of the request, which in this case is an arrest record
* Title of the mail
* The date of submission of the request 
* The attached documents must be named and in either pdf or word format
* No external links should be used

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Application by Phone 

You can also contact the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission by phone. The following are tips on how to go about your application:

* Ensure you include your first and last name 
* Provide a comprehensive message about your request

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also maintains records that include details about arrests and convictions within the state of Texas.


However, the procedures for getting FBI arrest records are more tedious and cumbersome than those discussed above. 

Other dedicated platforms, such as people search sites, allow you to retrieve arrest records in Texas. Records on these platforms are usually obtained upon payment of fees. 

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Duration of Arrest Records in the State of Texas

Arrest records in Texas are stored indefinitely. However, there are certain instances where a person can apply for the removal of their arrest record. 


This process is known as expunction, and where it is successful, it results in the destruction of a person's criminal records, including their arrest records. 


Individuals can also apply for a judicial order to seal part of their criminal records. Each of these processes is complex and requires the services of expert attorneys to accomplish. 


Many persons are interested in obtaining the criminal history of others for various purposes. Most Texas businesses conduct extensive background checks before hiring prospective employees. 


One prominent aspect of a person's criminal history is their arrest records. The techniques discussed above are valuable ways to find arrest records in Texas.

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