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New Hampshire Warrant Search: How to Find New Hampshire Warrants

New Hampshire Warrant Search: How to Find  New Hampshire Warrants
September 23, 2022

In New Hampshire, residents are permitted to petition the competent courts for an arrest warrant to be issued against another community member.


And law enforcement officers in the state are not required to notify the subject of a warrant before executing the warrant.

Whether there is an active warrant against you or someone else, or old New Hampshire warrants, you can perform a search for them in the state. 


Here we will reveal how to find New Hampshire warrants both offline and online.


What are New Hampshire Warrants?

Warrants are court-issued documents that give special legal backing to law enforcement officers seeking to arrest or detain an individual or enter private premises in search of would-be evidence. 

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Without a warrant to that effect, law enforcement officers who execute these acts would be guilty of infringing on the individual’s constitutional rights.


Probable cause is the most crucial prerequisite for the issuance of warrants in New Hampshire. 


People who seek to obtain a warrant from a court in New Hampshire are mandated to submit their application accompanied by an affidavit providing reasons to believe that a crime was committed and that the subject of the warrant committed it.


If the judicial officer can find justification for issuing a warrant, they will issue the requested warrant.


Arrest warrants, bench warrants, and search warrants are the most common warrants issued in New Hampshire. 


The validity period of warrants in the state depends on the type of warrant it is, and the purpose for which it was issued. 


That said, warrants in New Hampshire are expected to be executed by peace officers as soon as possible, irrespective of what type of warrant it is.

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Types of New Hampshire Warrants

New Hampshire state courts primarily issue an arrest, bench, and search warrants.

New Hampshire Arrest Warrants

New Hampshire arrest warrants permit peace officers in the state to arrest an individual suspected of committing an offense and bring them before a court to answer for their crime. 


Arrest warrants are typically issued by judicial officers who have no personal connection to the case or investigation. 


Before a judge issues an arrest warrant in New Hampshire, they must first determine probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and that the subject of the warrant committed it.


Arrest orders issued in connection with a criminal case are not timing or location-restricted; they may be carried out anywhere in the country at any time.

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New Hampshire Search Warrants

Cops bearing search warrants have the legal sanction to search a location or property and seize any item as evidence for a subsequent trial. 


Sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, state police officers, or municipal police officers may request a search warrant from any fair and impartial circuit or superior court judge in New Hampshire.


A warrant can be obtained in a fairly straightforward manner. The petitioner (a law enforcement officer) must submit an affidavit demonstrating probable cause to the judge for review. 


If this affidavit is to be valid, it must be signed under oath by the officer.

New Hampshire Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is issued when an individual held on recognizance does not appear in court when directed to do so. 


A court order of this type can be used to bring in parties involved in a criminal case who has not appeared in court.


Bench warrants are typically issued at the discretion of judges in New Hampshire. 


However, this also means that their powers and scope are limited.

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How to a Perform New Hampshire Warrant Search
You can find and obtain warrants in New Hampshire in several ways, including:

New Hampshire State Police Department of Public Safety

You may begin your New Hampshire warrant search by contacting the State Police’s Department of Public Safety. 


To facilitate easy access to criminal records, the agency collects them from all state justice agencies and stores them in a single repository. 


You may access both personal and third-party criminal record information through this agency, though you’d need signed consent from the subject to access third-party information.


You’ll need to visit the agency in person during business hours to request criminal records. 


Note that for every request, a $25 charge applies.

New Hampshire Warrant Search: with Local Law Enforcement

If the warrant you seek was issued for a criminal offense, you can find information about it by visiting the office of the local law enforcement agency with the appropriate jurisdiction. 


Records of warrants executed by law enforcement agencies are often stored and maintained by these agencies, and members of the public may access them on request. 


Law enforcement agencies also publish a list of their most wanted criminals in their offices.

New Hampshire Warrant Search: in state Courts

Courts in New Hampshire are responsible for issuing and maintaining records of warrants. 


New Hampshire residents interested in finding warrant information may contact the court in person, except the court provides an online database. 


Charges will vary depending on the court.

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