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South Carolina Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in South Carolina

South Carolina Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in South Carolina
July 20, 2022

Arrest, inmate, and criminal records in South Carolina typically include mugshots of offenders, making them some of the most reliable official sources of mugshots for anyone who seeks them.

Thankfully, these records are categorized as public records under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, making them publicly available as long as they are not confidential.

You can also find mugshots of offenders on people search services (or third-party websites), although you can expect to pay a small fee for their service.

There are a few processes for getting access to these records through any of these channels, and we’ve explained them in this article.

Details You Can Obtain From South Carolina Arrest Records

An excellent way to begin your search for mugshots in South Carolina is to check arrest records in the state or counties.

A person's official criminal history summary can be found in their South Carolina arrest record. It reveals whether someone has been detained, arrested, interrogated, or taken into custody.

Additionally, information on whether a suspect has been charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or other infraction may be found in South Carolina arrest records.

How Can You Access Arrest Records in South Carolina?

Arrest records in South Carolina cannot be accessed online; they must be requested in person, either through mail or phone call.

To get arrest records, interested parties must get in touch with the agency that made the arrest; in most cases, this is the sheriff's office or the neighborhood police department.

Even though they are generally available to members of the public, arrest records may be withheld by the authorities in a few cases, such as when the records contain information that may threaten the life of a civilian or officer, or when the records contain sensitive matters of state.

Note that you’ll be charged a small fee for copying the documents when you request arrest records in South Carolina. Only a small number of databases provide free arrest records.

Even then, the accuracy and completeness of such unrestricted recordings are in doubt.

Criminal Records in South Carolina

Another way of getting access to mugshots in South Carolina is through the state’s criminal records. Criminal records, also known as rap sheets, are data collected by courts, prisons, and law enforcement officials at local, county, and state levels.

While county standards vary for criminal record collecting and storing, the majority of criminal records in South Carolina are deposited in online record depositories managed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

How Can You Access Criminal Records in South Carolina?

The Citizens Access To Criminal Histories (CATCH) portal is the quickest way to search for criminal records in South Carolina. Anyone can use this site to conduct a name-based search for $25.00 per subject.

Credit cards must be used to pay fees, which are not refundable.

In South Carolina, you can also obtain criminal records by using the criminal records check form. The form needs to be filled out by the requester with information about the subject, including name, birth date, and social security number, if available.

A certified check or money order must then be prepared and attached as payment for the request.

Only afterward may the requester mail the application package to the State Law Enforcement Division or deliver it personally. The requester must also include the application packet in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

For those who qualify, the State Law Enforcement Division will waive the charge for criminal records requests in South Carolina.

In this situation, the requester must be eligible. Free public criminal record checks can also be obtained from unofficial sources.

Inmate Records Search in South Carolina

Inmate records in South Carolina may be your best shot at locating mugshots of people who are incarcerated (or have spent time) in the various jails and prisons in the state. Inmate records in the state are accessible online or by mail.  

How Can You Access Inmate Records in South Carolina?

The public can utilize the searchable internet database of the South Carolina Department of Corrections to look for information about inmates.

Names, dates of incarceration, anticipated release dates, convictions, and photographs might all be returned via an inmate lookup. Searches can be done using inmate numbers or names. Additionally, the general public might be able to get records by sending a written request to:

4444 Broad River Road

P.O. Box 21787

Columbia, SC 29210

(803) 896-8500

[email protected]

Where Can You Get Mugshots?

Third-party websites typically gather public records from government databases and a variety of other sources and provide search results at the click of a button, making them the fastest and easiest way to access public records. 

How to Access a Mugshot From Third-Party Sites

The provided text boxes on third-party websites can be used to enter the name and location of your chosen subject.

The website can ask you for additional information about the person, such as their age, in order to focus your search. You have the option of receiving the search results immediately or via mail.

It will include their picture, contact information, and details about their offense.

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