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Minnesota Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots in Minnesota

Minnesota Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots in Minnesota
July 17, 2022

In Minnesota, people who have once been picked up by law enforcement agencies and possibly convicted of a crime have their mugshots and profile in an official database.


This database is often managed by the Department of Criminal Information and is accessible to the public under the Minnesota Freedom of information bill. So if you need to find the mugshot of anyone in the state, here are some search channels to explore. 


What to Know About Minnesota Criminal Records


Criminal records in Minnesota are public records that are officially documented on account of a crime-related activity in the state.


They are held in trust at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) in conjunction with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).


The information in these records is sourced to great lengths from reports of law enforcement agencies and you may find the following in them:


* The subject's name, sex, birth date, ethnicity, and relevant personal information 

* A mugshot or photograph

* Any unique physical descriptors such as birthmarks, tattoos, and piercings. 

* Former and present address of residence

* Details of their crime and the conviction secured against them 

* Any pending and acquitted charges


an illustration of a man's silhouette against a mugshot background


How To Obtain Criminal Records In Minnesota


When a criminal case is filed under a law enforcement agency in Minnesota, the elements of the case and all the relevant to it are well documented.


This information relevant to it is then compiled and transferred to the BCA (Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) in advance of any further development on the case.


You can stop by the office of this bureau and approach the CHA unit with your request. You should also find the online database of the criminal record inquiry to be handy in your quest to find out about a person convicted in the state.


And in the Court Case Search tool made available by the Minnesota judiciary, you can search for, and obtain a person's criminal records from their court records. 


Explaining the Minnesota Sex Offender Registry


The profiles of people who have been convicted of a sexually motivated crime in Minnesota are compiled in a sex offenders registry.


By virtue of Megan's law in Minnesota, the information and the records contained in this registry are accessible to the public. So anyone who wishes to find a mugshot or any other sex-offender-related information using this registry can be successful. 


a gavel next to handcuffs that are lying on a book


How Do I Access The Sex Offender Registry in Minnesota?


The data available in Minnesota's sex offenders registry can be obtained from the Minnesota Predatory Offender Search platform.


Access to this platform can be secured through the instrument of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. And when you access the search tool, you can perform your search using a registered sex offender's zip code, county, and city. 


Checking the Minnesota Inmate And Jail Records


Those who have been convicted of any crime in Minnesota are held across the prisons, detention facilities, and correctional centers in Minnesota.


And, while they are there, an inmate record file is created on their behalf. These record files are created by the Minnesota Department of Corrections and you can expect to find all or a large part of the following information in them. 


* The inmate's full name and aliases, if any

* Their personal information—date of birth, sex, nationality, etc. 

* Their mugshot and fingerprint

* Any applicable bail/bond conditions

* Any related previous convictions and time served

* Dates of incarceration or potential release.


handcuffs on a sheet of fingerprints


How To Get Inmate Records In Minnesota


Finding an inmate in Minnesota should not prove to be very difficult, what with the provision of the Minnesota Inmate Locator Page.


On this page, requesters may carry out a quick inmate record search using the name of their subject. To get a more accurate result, you can also provide additional information in the search fields, such as the inmates' offender number, their birth date, or the facility where they're being held. 


Searching on Third-party Websites


If you want to cut right to the chase in your quest to find the mugshot of any person in Minnesota, third-party websites can be your best shot.


These third-party websites are as their name implies, platforms that have no direct links with the government agencies in possession of these public records.


Yet, they have such an impressive collection of such records that it'll be largely difficult to not find your record of interest on their sites.


an illustration of a search bar in front of a woman holding a phone


How To Find A Mugshot Using Third-party Websites


The process is pretty simple, as simple as visiting their website and typing in the name and state or, in some cases, zip code of your person of interest.


Except in cases where the public record in question is sealed by the government, as with a juvenile record, you can most certainly find your subject's record.


And if your subject has once had a run-in with the law, leading to an arrest or conviction, you should find a mugshot attached to their profiles after a search has been made in their name. 

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