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Oregon Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Oregon

Oregon Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Oregon
September 19, 2022

Oregon is the 33rd U.S state to enter the Union, in 1859, and it is the 9th largest state by size and the 27th most populous state in the country. 


The state is comprised of 36 counties and 476 cities. In the state, Oregon arrest records are documents produced by law enforcement agencies following a person’s apprehension or arrest. 


An arrest record is an integral aspect of a suspect’s criminal history but is not conclusive proof of their guilt. Instead, it details all the incidents leading up to the arrest in chronological order. 

Arrest records are considered public records in Oregon. Under the open records laws such as the Public Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), residents of the state have a right to access public documents such as arrest records. 


Arrest records feature in a suspect’s Oregon criminal record and contain details such as their full name, date of birth, booking information, physical descriptions, the record of police interrogation, etc. 

handcuffs lying on an illustration of the Oregon flag

Agencies Responsible for Maintaining Arrest Records in Oregon

The following agencies are tasked with maintaining arrest records in the U.S state of Oregon:

The Oregon State Police 

The Oregon State Police is responsible for managing every criminal history information in the state. 


The agency obtains information from all law enforcement agencies in the state, including the local county sheriff’s offices. 


Access is offered via the Oregon State Police’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division. 

Applications can be made through email or mail by submitting your Request for Oregon Criminal History Information form. 

The Oregon Background Check System

The Oregon Criminal History and Abuse Records Data System (ORCHARDS) was established in 2020 as the official background check system of the state. 


The background check system requires employers to get approval from the subject individual (SI) before conducting a background check. 


Results from the background check include the subject’s criminal records, alongside their arrest records.

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The Oregon Judicial Department

The Oregon state’s judicial department offers access to arrest records through the Judicial Department Online Record Search services. 


The body compiles arrest records from the State Courts, the Court of Appeal, Circuit Courts, and Supreme Courts. 


There are two ways to gain access to non-confidential records, such as arrest records, from the courts. They include:

* Through the courthouse public terminals 
By subscribing to the OJCIN online

* Some of the other information provided by the Oregon Judicial Department includes:

* Judgments including the time, date, type, and award
Cases, including file cases, police reports, status, district attorney information, location, etc. 

* Warrants, including issue dates, warrant number, location, and status. 

a man being fingerprinted

How to Find Arrest Records in Oregon

Arrest records are considered public documents or reports in Oregon. 


Under the Open Records Act of the state of Oregon, individuals or entities can request arrest records from public agencies using the following methods:

Finding Arrest Records by Visiting the Open Records Unit 
An individual searching for arrest records can visit the Open Records Units of the Oregon state police in person. 


You can also write to them using this address: Oregon State Police, Unit 11, PO Box 4395, Portland, Oregon 97208.

To commence an application, you must provide your full name and address and, in the case of an entity, its title, and address. 


You will also provide the date of birth and full of the subject, with their last known address and social security number. 


In addition, a $10 money order or check payable to the Oregon State Police must be included in your application. You will be charged on a per search basis. 

Where the agency applying for arrest information also offers health services to mentally unstable seniors or children, the agency will be permitted to run a fingerprint-based check. 


Law enforcement agencies are also permitted access to fingerprint searches. 


The results of such fingerprint searches typically bring full disclosure, meaning that past warrants and arrest records will also be provided through such reports. 

the torso of a man standing in front of a mugshot backdrop

Finding Arrest Records Through a Bail Bondsperson

You can also find arrest records by contacting a bail bonds person. Bail bond persons hire private investigators and other persons with access to custody and arrest information. 


Most people only hire bail bonds persons when a person has been arrested and a bail sum set for their release by the judge. 

Furthermore, in circumstances where it is difficult to determine if an individual has been arrested or where they are being detained, a bail bonds person can be contacted for assistance. 


They are better equipped to conduct an arrest record search since they have the personal details of such persons as their age, sex, race, full name, and gender.


Arrest records in Oregon do not have an established expiration date. This means that such records are left on a subject’s file until expunged by a court order. 


Arrest records are a crucial part of a person’s criminal history. They are considered public documents and open to residents of Oregon. 


The guidelines discussed above are valuable guides on how to find arrest records in Oregon.

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