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Nebraska Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Nebraska

Nebraska Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Nebraska
July 17, 2022

Mugshots are close-up shots of people who have been arrested by law enforcement agencies on suspicion of committing an offense.

They are a regular fixture in public records that detail a crime-related activity, such as are found in an arrest or criminal records.


The Nebraska Freedom of Information Act stipulates that these records be easily accessible to the public. And because of these, finding the mugshot of persons with a known arrest history should not prove to be difficult.

In this article, we'll show you some of the most reliable routes to obtaining the mugshot of anyone in Nebraska.


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What to Know About Nebraska Criminal Records


Nebraska criminal records are official documents that contain specific information about persons with a criminal history in Nebraska.


These records are primarily generated by law enforcement agencies and the information contained in them is sourced from several state institutions. And when you get access to the criminal record of your subject, you can find the following information in them. 


* The suspect’s full name and known aliases

*  Their date of birth, race, ethnicity, and distinctive physical identifiers 

*  Mugshots and fingerprints

*  Past and present indictments, warrants, and convictions


Step-by-step Guide to Obtaining Criminal Records In Nebraska


The information contained in Nebraska's criminal records is collected by the Criminal Identification Division of the Nebraska State Patrol.


This division is responsible for overseeing and archiving criminal records in publicly available information channels. The Nebraska State Patrol manages a criminal background check platform that can be used to perform a search. 


When you engage this platform, you will need to make a payment of $15.50 and provide some identifying information about yourself and the subject of your search.


And if you wish to make a mail-in or in-person request, you will need to enclose your application packet, replete with a $12.5 processing fee, and submit it to the state's Criminal Identification Division office.


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About the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry


People with a history of sex offenses in Nebraska have their personal information and other details that revolve around their act documented in the sex offenders registry.


This registry is primarily managed and updated by law enforcement agencies in Nebraska. However, there's a statewide registry of convicted sex offenders that is maintained by the Nebraska State Patrol.


How Do I Get Access To The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry?


When you visit the website containing the database of registered sex offenders in Nebraska, you will find spaces provided for entering some specific details about your subject.


These details include their name or address and any other information that the portal suggests narrowing down the search results.


Once you tick all the right boxes, you can find the offender you have in mind, and their mugshot should be just a small part of the package.  


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What Are Nebraska Inmate Records?


The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) keeps tabs on people who have once served time in any of the prisons, jails, detention, centers, and correctional facilities in the state.


They do this through the instrument o  inmate records that they make available to the general public. These inmate records may provide some or all of the following:


* The inmate's  full name and aliases

* Their personal information, such as date of birth, gender, and any notable physical features 

* The nature of and details about their offense, Incarceration date, and potential release date

* The address of the jail, prison, correction center, or any detention facility where the subject is being held.


How to Obtain Nebraska Inmate Records


The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) is primarily responsible for the management of criminal records in the state.


They provide an inmate lookup database where you can search for the availability of inmate-related information. 


On the NDCS website, you should see an Inmate Search Tool and Facility Index that you may use to make your inquiries. You only need to input your subject's name and their designated DOC number.


And if this option does not prove to be rewarding, you can try out the state's public record unit. 


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Searching Third-party Websites


Third-party websites are search platforms without any known links to the government at the local or regional level. These third-party platforms.


Some of them provide a free search service that can give all your search attempts the right coverage. 


Obtaining Mugshots from Third-party Websites: Step-by-step Guide


On the homepage of your chosen background check service website, locate the person search menu and input your subject’s name into the provided search boxes and click “search”.


You may also include further details about your subject, to streamline your search and whittle down the list of potential matches.


The system will bring up records of people whose details resemble the information you supplied. Click on a subject to bring up their detailed information. 

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