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North Dakota Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in North Dakota

North Dakota Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in North Dakota
October 8, 2022

North Dakota became the 39th state of the U.S on 2nd November 1889. 


It is one of the least populated states, with a total population of 765,821 residents. 


The state began collecting public records in 1876, containing data from all 53 counties and census areas of the state. 


It is one of the few states that practice open government, which means that members of the North Dakota public have the right to inspect public records. 

Arrest records in North Dakota are considered public documents in North Dakota, and access to such records is provided under the North Dakota Open Records Statutes


The statute or law provides that every arrest record "shall be open to public inspection and copying." 

North Dakota arrest records include information concerning an individual's apprehension and detention. 


These records are generated by North Dakota law enforcement agencies. 


They contain details such as the subject's personal information, physical description, booking information, the location of arrest, details of police interrogation, mugshots, fingerprints, charges brought against the subject, name of the arresting agency, etc. 

North Dakota state flag with handcuffs on it

North Dakota Arrest Statistics

According to the arrest statistics released by North Dakota law enforcement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the annual Uniform Crime Report, there were over 33,000 arrests in the state in 2018. 

Of all these arrests, 4,0009 were under the age of 18. The most popular arrests were for drug abuse violations, which accounted for 16% of the arrests. 


Closely following this was driving under influence at 15%, property crimes at 9%, and other kinds of assaults at 8%.

With respect to crime rates per 1,000, the leading number of arrests per every 1,000 residents was for other crimes, excluding traffic offenses, with 280 arrests per 1,000 individuals. 


Following this were drug abuse violations at 163 per 1,000, driving under influence at 154 per 1,000 arrests, and property offenses at 93 per 1,000 arrests. 


The lowest causes of arrests were gambling, with only 0.03 arrests per 1,000 people. Followed by vagrancy at 0.12 per 1,000 arrests, arson at 0.27 per 1,000, and murder at 0.30 per 100, 000 arrests. 

How to Find North Dakota Arrest Records 

Persons looking for North Dakota arrest records can apply to the state's Department of Corrections or the local law enforcement agency, such as the local county sheriff's office. 


The Department of Corrections only provides arrest records of persons currently on probation, incarcerated, or on parole. 


The sheriff's office can also provide records for persons within the county, regardless of their present status. 

shutterstock_251841604 (1).jpg


Both entities charge a fee for record requests. Applications can be made in person, via mail, or online. 


The process is simple and straightforward, and a response is given within a few working days.

The North Dakota judiciary maintains records of court cases, including arrest records accessible to the public. 


The court clerks are the custodians of the state's court records and are tasked with maintaining the completeness and integrity of the records. 


Applications can be made online, by mail, or in person. Online applications can be made through the North Dakota Courts Records Inquiry page. 


Online search results do not include expunged or restricted records, so for a more thorough request, you can apply in person to the court where the case was heard. 


You will be required to fill out an application form including your personal information and details about the offender. 


Your request will be submitted alongside a fee, usually set at $15 and payable by credit card, check, or money order. 

Another agency tasked with maintaining North Dakota arrest records is the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations. 

a man being fingerprinted


The Bureau provides criminal history records, including arrest records, to professional licensing boards, state agencies, and members of the public. 


Interested parties must fill out a request for criminal history record information form, attach a money order or check for $15 and send the request to:

Criminal Records Section
North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation
PO Box 1054
Bismarck ND 58502-1054
(701) 328-5500 

Persons involved in judicial proceedings can subpoena North Dakota arrest records, where such documents are central to the proceeding and have been restricted to the public. 


Such applications can be made by first filling out a request form with the court clerk in the county where the arrest was made. 

The application must include the offender's personal details, case number, and date of arrest. 


The clerk will proceed to issue a subpoena for the arrest records to the arresting agency, usually the local police department or county sheriff's office. 


The documents will be transmitted to the court clerk, who then provides them to the requestor. A service fee of $25.00, payable by money order or check, will be charged. 

The timeline for processing requests is usually between 10 to 30 days. 

a hand stamping a sheet of paper


Third parties, such as employers and landlords, can use North Dakota arrest records for various purposes, such as employment screening, background checks, and personal research. 


They also offer valuable insights into an offender's criminal tendencies. So, are you looking for North Dakota arrest records? The guidelines that we have discussed will help you with all your inquiries!

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