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Nevada Marriage Records Search

Nevada Marriage Records Search
September 13, 2022

Nevada marriage records are essential for many reasons. The main reason is that Nevada marriage records are in high demand at the moment of immigration, property purchase, or child custody. 


Additionally, people need to submit their Nevada marriage records when applying for spousal benefits to declare proof of a union. 


This is why questions like "how to find marriage records online in Nevada" and "where can I run a free marriage records search" are left open for many readers of this article. 


This is why this article will focus preliminarily on answering these questions and providing you with all the necessary information on these matters.

Nevada Marriage Records

All people can apply for Nevada marriage records if they have turned 18, as this age enables an official marriage to occur. 


As a rule, marriage records in Nevada are located at the Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), county clerk's offices, and religious institutions. 

an illustration of a pair of glasses, a laptop, a cup of coffee and marriage certificate with a pen on it


A marriage license and marriage certificate are the documents that represent Nevada marriage records. The marriage license is obtained no later than 60 days before the marriage, and it authorizes the couple to get married, proving there are no legal, health, or religious impediments for the couple to get married. 


On the other hand, a marriage certificate serves as an official Nevada marriage record requested at all legal institutions such as banks, social security, or court. A typical marriage certificate contains the following information:

- Names of the Spouses
- Birth Dates of the Spouses
- Addresses (Residence)
- Occupation of the Spouses
- Parent's Full Names
- Witnesses' Names
- Name of Officiating Minister of Registrar
- Religious Denomination of the Spouses
- Place and Date of the Ceremony

Who Is Eligible to Run a Nevada Marriage Records Search?

Nevada marriage records are public for everybody who has turned 18 years. The age requirement is the only condition to run a Nevada marriage records search. 


However, you have to pay a fee and send an application request to run Nevada marriage records search with the following information in advance:

- Personal and contact information of the requestor
- Personal data of the party whose name is on the record
- Relationship between the requestor and the party on the record (e.g., father, mother, son, daughter, husband, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, legal guardian, etc.)
- The reason for the request (e.g., insurance proceeds, authentication, death benefits, private purposes, etc.)
- The date of marriage
- The place of marriage
- Scope of search required (statewide or county limited)
- ID photo

two wedding bands and a pen on a piece of paper

How to Find Marriage Records Online in Nevada?

There are multiple ways how you can find Nevada marriage records. One of the possibilities would be to request to run Nevada marriage records search in person or via mail. 


For people, who want to save time, there is an option to find Nevada marriage records online. We have listed the best websites to help you save time when running a Nevada marriage records search. 


Please note that not all of the websites mentioned below offer the possibility to run a free marriage records search. Nevertheless, every US state charges a fee for every download of certified copies of marriage records in Nevada.


a man's finger clicking a 3D illustration of a search bar

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Website | (

CDC website is your go-to website when it comes to running a free marriage records search. In other words, the website provides you with all the information about the vital and health offices in Nevada, their contact information, and the links you could use to open the website. 


However, there is no possibility to download certified copies of the Nevada marriage records online directly on the website.

Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) Website | (
The DPBH website is the website you might get redirected to when using the CDC website. 


The website enables you to find and request all the certified copies of the marriage records in Nevada. All you have to do is to pay a fee and submit a written request to run a Nevada marriage records search. 


Not only can you run Nevada marriage records search on the website, but you could also use several other services, such as amendment of an existing marriage record.

a bride signing a paper with two wedding bands on it

Independent Platform | (

In most cases, you would inquire about background information on the spouses; you should use such independent platforms as a The information found on the platforms includes:

· Employment and Education History
· Contact Information
· Civil and Criminal Court Records (if applicable)

Please note that such independent platforms do not allow running free marriage records searches but charge a small fee for the information found on the website.

If you have more questions about finding marriage records online in Nevada, contact the vital records office via phone or email.

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