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Guide To Finding Mugshots In Delaware

Guide To Finding Mugshots In Delaware
July 31, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of people suspected of being involved in a crime. They can be found in reports generated by law enforcement agencies.

And because of the freedom of information bill in Delaware, they can be accessible to the public. In this article, we'll discuss some measures you can take to locate the mugshot of anyone in Delaware. 

Delaware Criminal Records

Delaware criminal records are official documents that detail the criminal histories of people in Delaware.

The information in these records is sourced from correctional facilities, courts, law enforcement agencies, and other departments at the state and local levels.

While most records are managed by the Delaware state police, the standard bureau of investigation oversees the state's certified criminal reports. The information contained in these records includes the subjects:

* Full name and aliases, if any

Gender, race/ethnicity, age

Physical descriptors such as height, weight, and any unique identifiers

Charges issued against them

How Do I Obtain Criminal Records In Delaware?

The SBI is charged with making certified criminal records available to anyone requesting them. So if you wish to find a person's criminal record in Delaware, you may undertake a criminal in the database provided by the SBI.

You'll be required to provide any state ID, a driver's license, or any other means of photo identification.

After that, you'll be charged $52 to process the criminal background check, payable through cash, orders, credit/debit cards, checks, or money orders to be paid to the Delaware State Police.

Free searches of these records are hard to come by, but you can always seek a fee waiver. 

Delaware Arrest Records

Delaware arrest records are an official register of information about a person's arrest, including the events leading up to the arrest and the charges levied against them.

They are usually produced by law enforcement agencies during the course of the arrest and will end up in state archives, where they're ultimately designated as public records.

Below are some of the information contained in a typical arrest record:

The personal information and suspect's physical description and A physical description

Their booking information and the arrest details

Details of the police investigation reports

The signature and name of the arresting officer

How Do I Access Delaware Arrest Records?

To obtain a Delaware arrest record about any person, you must first request a criminal background check from the office of the Delaware state bureau of investigation.

The laws in Delaware demand that the subject of the record (the main applicant) be physically present to process the request. So when you stop by the SBI office (along with the subject of interest), the applicant must personally fill and submit a “Criminal History Record Check Authorization Form."

The office will require the applicant to tender a valid means of identification such as a state ID or a driver's license.

This is followed by the payment of a $52 fee, and the records can be picked up the following day. Alternatively, you may explore the courts or the police department in the county or city where the arrest was recorded and ask for access to their case files, either in electronic or print format. 

Inmate And Jail Records?

Delaware inmate records contain official information on jailed persons and others in the custody of criminal correctional/rehabilitation centers in Delaware.

The Delaware Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for maintaining these records. You can expect to find information about an inmate's crime, their incarceration and expected release date, present detention facility, and their personal information(including their mugshots) in this record. 

How Do I Obtain Inmate/Jail Records In Delaware?

You may be unable to process a direct online inmate search from the Delaware Department of Corrections (DOC) as they do not offer that service.

However, you may find the Delaware Inmate Locator Page interesting as they'll provide an external link that should point you to information about some particular inmates. 

You'll be asked to provide the inmate's name, birth date, or identification number to help make the search results more accurate.

And you can opt-in to be notified of the inmate's status while they're in the custody of the DO.

 Third-party Websites

These third-party websites are independent platforms with a vast array of public records in their possession. They'll usually require a small fee or a membership application to process your search request.

And because of their extensive records haul, they can return a mugshot and other information (about your subject)from your search. 

How Do I Obtain Delaware Mugshots From Third-party Websites?

On visiting the homepage of these search websites, you'll be prompted to enter the name and state of your subject before clicking on the search icon.

The system will take a short moment to scan its records for similarly named files and then display a number of them.

You may bring down the list by adding extra details about the subject and you should locate the right result in no short time.

After the necessary fee is paid and the record downloaded or delivered by mail, you can go on to check out the information therein, and you should find a mugshot there. 

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