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New York Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in of New York

New York Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in of New York
September 8, 2022

A warrant search is an important legal document that allows law enforcement agencies to execute legal actions. In the United States in general, you can perform a nationwide or statewide warrant search. 


If you reside in New York and want to know if there are outstanding warrants registered to your name, you can perform a New York warrant search. You can also find out if others have warrants issued against them, and for what reason/s.


We've examined the best methods of finding warrants in New York in this article. 

What to Know About New York Warrants

Warrants in New York are official documents that permit law enforcement officers to arrest or detain a person or search their residence or other properties as part of an investigation. 


Without a warrant, any officer who performs any of these actions may be charged with violating the affected individual's rights as declared by the Fourth Amendment. Nonetheless, police officers may make warrantless arrests if certain conditions are met.

a man's handcuffed hands in front of his body


The process of warrant obtainment is often initiated by law enforcement officers, although judicial officers in New York may also issue warrants at their discretion. 


Probable cause is the most important prerequisite for the issuance of warrants; warrants issued without the establishment of probable cause can be declared illegal, opening the door for affected parties to claim damages.


Once a warrant is issued, it is executable by any law enforcement officer within the territorial boundary of the state of New York. Law enforcement officers are mandated to take subjects of New York warrants into custody as soon as possible. Typically, they do not notify people listed on the warrant of the existence of warrants against them. 

Types of Warrants in New York

Arrest warrants, bench warrants, and search warrants are the three most common types of warrants issued by courts in New York.

Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants authorize police officers to arrest and detain subjects listed on them. Courts in New York issue arrest warrants after examining the complaint of the affiant and determining that there's a justifiable reason, or probable cause, to believe that a crime was committed and that the subject of the warrant committed the crime.


Arrest warrants in New York may be executed anywhere in the state and at any time of day. Usually, arrest warrants are executed by the officer to whom they are addressed. However, the execution of arrest warrants may be delegated under certain conditions. 

the words arrest warrant written on a pavement with a police line in front of it

Search Warrants

New York search warrants permit law enforcement officers to show up unannounced at locations specified on them and carry out thorough searches. Law enforcement officers bearing warrants may also search properties and seize items that may be used as evidence in a subsequent trial.


Courts in New York may only issue search warrants after probable cause has been established; they may be deemed illegal otherwise. Search warrants must also clearly state the name of the issuing judge, the name of the officer to whom they were addressed, and a detailed description of the property or area to be searched. 

Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are some of the most commonly issued warrants in New York. They're issued by competent courts in the state against people who disobey court orders or refuse to pay court-issued fines. Bench warrants do not expire and officers are permitted to execute them anywhere in the state. 

How to Find Warrants in New York

If you suspect that a warrant may have been issued against you in New York, don't wait till law enforcement officers come knocking on your door. Find out for sure through the following ways:

New York City Information Center

Residents of New York can check the New York City Information Center for active or outstanding warrants. The jurisdiction of this information center covers all five boroughs in the state, and anyone can contact the center through their dedicated telephone number (646) 386-4500. You may call during normal business hours every weekday. 

the top of a police car

Court Clerks

You may also find out if there's a warrant against you at the office of your local county clerk. Warrants are typically issued by courts, and courts keep records of them. If you have questions about active or outstanding warrants against you or someone you know, approaching the clerk at your local county court can give you greater clarity. 

Third-party Websites

According to the New York Freedom of Information Act, warrants are public records. This law permits third-party websites to access government records and make them available to interested members of the public. 


Using third-party websites is easy and convenient, and there's no risk of randomly getting arrested by law enforcement officials. 

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