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Unclaimed Money Wyoming: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Wyoming

Unclaimed Money Wyoming: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Wyoming
November 3, 2022

The State of Wyoming was carved out of parts of Idaho, Utah, and Dakota. 


The state was created by an act of Congress on 25th July 1869, and the first territorial governor was John Campbell, appointed by President Ulysses Grant. 

Before money or a financial asset can be considered unclaimed in Wyoming, the money must have been without any activity for a considerable period of time. 


The Uniform Unclaimed Property Act is the primary legislation governing the administration of every unclaimed property in the state. 


The major aim of the law is to see that owners receive the funds owed to them. 


It also ensures that money owed to Wyomingites is not in the possession of financial institutions, government agencies, business associations, and other bodies. 


Therefore, the act mandates these entities, generally called holders, to contact the owners of the monies in their possession. 


If every effort proves abortive, they must turn over unclaimed money to the office of the state treasurer. 


The state treasurer manages the Unclaimed Property Program, which is responsible for reuniting unclaimed monies with owners. 


The state makes concerted efforts to locate the owners through advertisements, newspaper publications, government notices, etc. 

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Types of Unclaimed Money and Their Dormancy Periods in Wyoming

Different types of monies and financial assets have different dormancy periods. Upon expiration of a dormancy period, the asset is transferred to the state treasurer’s registry under the name of the owner or the business, who can reclaim it. 


The following are the types of unclaimed money and their dormancy period under Wyoming law:

* Bank checks and money orders: five years
* Safe deposit boxes: five years
* Savings accounts: five years
* Checking accounts: five years
* Non-bank money orders: seven years
* Refunds, advances, and deposits: five years
* Money orders: five years
* Traveler’s checks: fifteen years: 
* Properties held by fiduciaries: five years
* Casualties: five years
* Shares of financial institutions: five years
* Life insurance or annuity policies: five years
* Casualties: five years
* Bonds, securities, and dividends: three years
* Mineral proceeds: three years
* Gift cards, credit memos, or certificates: three years
* Wages: one year
* IRAs, SEPs, and other similar plans: three years
* Proceeds from class action lawsuits: six months 
* Properties held by public agencies or courts: one year
* Utility deposits and refunds: one year
* Litigation awards or settlements: six months

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Wyoming 

The Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office oversees every unclaimed property in the state. 


The treasury department has an online database that is publicly available to residents of the state at no cost. Follow the steps below to find your unclaimed money:

* Navigate to the official website of the state treasurer and open the “search for unclaimed property” page.
* Type in your first and last name or the name of your business
* Narrow your search by including your property ID, city, and zip code. 
* Click on the “search” button.
* Select every property belonging to you by clicking on “claim.”
* Click on the “view claimed properties” button.
* Select the claimant relationship from the drop-down menu.
* Type in your contact details in the new window and proceed as instructed. 

You will be required to provide other supporting documents to validate your claim. 

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These documents include proof of address, birth certificate, Social Security Number (SSN), death certificate, etc. 


After submitting your claim, the state treasurer will provide you with a written decision within 90 days. You can also monitor the status of your claim using your claim ID.


Furthermore, Wyoming is one of the few states that does not make online searches mandatory before submitting a claim. 


Therefore, claimants can explore other alternative means, such as contacting the state treasurer’s office by phone, in person, or via mail. 


Interested claimants can contact the treasury department using the following details:

Phone: 1-307-777-5590
Email: [email protected] 
Unclaimed Property Division,
Herschler Building East, 
122 West 25th St.,
Suite E300,
Cheyenne, WY 82002

a man using a laptop

Other resources residents of the Equality State can use include:

* The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) database for unclaimed funds arising from failed financial institutions.
* The U.S Department of Labor database for unpaid wages.
* The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development database for FHI-insurance refunds. 


Persons looking for their unclaimed money in Wyoming can go through the state treasurer’s website. 


Once your claim is approved, you will receive a check for the amount owed to you. 

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