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New Mexico Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New Mexico

New Mexico Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New Mexico
July 18, 2022

According to the state of New Mexico's Inspection of Public Records Act, along with several other related legislation, New Mexico government records are public records.


Citizens of the state of New Mexico can request these records without needing to provide a reason for their request.


If you are looking for mugshots in New Mexico, the best place to do so is in public records. These public records include criminal, and court arrest records, etc.


You can find these records on third-party websites, as well as in databases maintained by government agencies, parastatals, and agencies. 


All of these methods are detailed in this article on how to obtain mugshots in New Mexico.


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Criminal Records in New Mexico 


One of the first places you should consider checking when searching for mugshots in New Mexico is criminal records.


They are official documents that chronicle an individual's criminal activity in the state. In them, you can expect to find a list of the person's arrests, criminal offenses, convictions, and incarcerations. 


Local, county, and state-maintained criminal justice agencies are in charge of curating and updating details in a criminal record. 


Per the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, members of the public are free to access all government records on request. Some of the details contained in a New Mexico criminal record include:


* The subject's personal information. If the subject is a juvenile, this information may not be revealed. 

* The subject's ethnicity or race

* Physical description of the subject, including unique body markings

* The subject's fingerprints and mugshots

* Outstanding warrants and arrest records

* Conviction information

* Current and previous indictments

* Post-conviction status


Anyone in New Mexico can request and gain access to criminal records. Typically, though, you must know a few details about your subject (such as their full name and last known address) before access to the records can be granted. 



Steps to Obtaining Criminal Records in New Mexico


You may obtain a person's criminal records in New Mexico by visiting local law enforcement agencies and county courts or by sending an online search request to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS).


You may also make use of any of the numerous third-party websites. 


A select group of people can request fingerprint-based searches of their criminal records through the NMDPS, which maintains criminal record depositories in the state.


To be eligible to use this option, you must either be named on the criminal record or be an employer or financial provider. 


You can still perform a free but unofficial check if you're none of the above, by going through the courts in New Mexico.


For on-demand court records, this often entails name-based case lookup. 


Among the organizations that have access to on-demand court records are law enforcement agencies, courts, and public access databases.


Inmate Records in New Mexico


If your subject has been in any of New Mexico's correctional facilities, to the best of your knowledge, an inmate record search can be another excellent way to get their mugshots. 


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All official records relating to people who are imprisoned in the state of New Mexico are referred to as inmate records.


The New Mexico Department of Corrections, which is in charge of all state services pertaining to corrections, is mainly responsible for managing prison records.


New Mexico jail and inmate data include details about the locations and capacity of jails as well as the full names and aliases of inmates, their imprisonment dates, anticipated release dates, conviction rates, and mugshots. 


Steps to Finding Inmate Records in New Mexico


The New Mexico Department of Corrections maintains and updates an online database of inmate records in the state. If you're interested in looking up an inmate's record, you must go to this database. 


To access the NMDC online criminal records database, just log on to the department's website and search for the individual you're interested in. 


You can do your search using the inmate's name or DOC number. 


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Background Check Services


If you want to cut right to the chase in your quest to find the mugshot of any person in New Mexico, third-party websites can be your best shot.


These third-party websites are, as their name implies, platforms that have no direct links with the government agencies in possession of these public records.


Yet, they have such an impressive collection of such documents that it'll be largely difficult not to find your record of interest on their sites.


How to Navigate Third-party Websites


The process is pretty simple, as simple as visiting their website and typing in the name and state or, in some cases, zip code of your person of interest.


Except in cases where the government seals the public record in question, as with a juvenile record, you can most certainly find your subject's record.


And if your subject has once had a run-in with the law, leading to an arrest or conviction, you should find a mugshot attached to their profiles after a search has been made in their name. 

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