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New Jersey Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New Jersey

New Jersey Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New Jersey
July 18, 2022

New Jersey government records are unmistakably classified as public records under the terms of the state’s Open Public Records Act and a number of other relevant pieces of legislation.


There are no obstacles in the way of those who require access to these records.


The most natural place to look for mugshots in New Jersey is in public documents, such as criminal records, court records, arrest records, etc.


Additionally, these details are accessible on third-party websites and through a number of government organizations, parastatals, and databases. 


We've described how to obtain mugshots in New Jersey using any of these methods in this article.


a 3D illustration of a mugshot backdrop


Records of Crime


Criminal records are even more detailed repositories of offender information (including their mugshots) than arrest records in New Jersey.


And, thanks to the state’s liberal public laws, these documents are not only available but fairly easily accessible. 


New Jersey's criminal records are official records kept by state and local courts, jails, and law enforcement agencies of the criminal acts of convicted individuals.


These records, sometimes known as rap sheets, are one of the many police files assembled in New Jersey during criminal investigations.


Typically, you can expect to find the following details in a New Jersey criminal record:


* Name of the accused or convict, including their known aliases

* Personal identifying details about them, such as their age, gender, and race

* The suspect’s mugshot and a full set of their fingerprints.

* Past criminal indictments and offenses

* Past arrest warrants and arrest history

* Past conviction record


Guide to Obtaining New Jersey Criminal Records


Courts, jails, and law enforcement organizations in New Jersey, both at the state and local levels, all have access to criminal records.


Ask the organization in charge of maintaining the records if you want to conduct a criminal record search. 


a man's finger being fingerprinted


In the state's online criminal history database, for example, you can search for criminal history information by a person's name.


The New Jersey Courts Public Access website offers criminal records on demand, which can be accessed on the Criminal Cases page. 


For most people in the state, this is the best way to obtain a detailed and ultimately free criminal record check.


New Jersey Inmate Records


Is your search subject currently incarcerated in any of New Jersey’s correctional facilities? New Jersey inmate records may be the best way to get their mugshot.


A person's incarceration in a state or local detention facility in New Jersey is officially documented in inmate records, which also provide details of their confinement as well as any anticipated releases.


 New Jersey Records of Arrest


Even though they’re not regarded as proof of guilt, New Jersey arrest records contain a lot of information about alleged offenders, including, crucially, their mugshots.


The arrest record in New Jersey consists of documents that are created following an individual's arrest on suspicion of criminal behavior. 


In addition to the alleged offense, the document details the suspect's identity, the organization that carried out the arrest, and, if relevant, sometimes the accused's criminal history.


How to Search and Obtain Arrest Records in New Jersey


Due to the absence of a central repository for arrest records in New Jersey, these documents are typically held by law enforcement agencies in the state.


Law enforcement agencies in the state create, maintain, and distribute arrest records. 


So, when you go looking for arrest records in New Jersey, it is to these law enforcement agencies or the local sheriff’s office that you may direct your (in-person) request.


However, if the arresting agency provides a website with a searchable database, you can also search for New Jersey arrest records online.


Remember that arrest records constitute part of a person’s criminal record in New Jersey.


A copy of a person's criminal history record can therefore be obtained from the State Police's Criminal Information Unit so that you can evaluate your arrest history. 


The public can also typically request and gain access to the records as well since they are considered public records in the state.


a hand holding a magnifying glass over a sheet of fingerprints


In New Jersey, the state police offer a number of ways to access information about arrests and criminal histories.


The police department permits name-based searches even though the majority of criminal record inquiries are processed using fingerprints. You’ll need to pay a moderate fee for each request, though.


Finding Inmate Records in New Jersey 


Similar to what applies in most other states, the state’s Department of Corrections (NJDOC) curates and maintains inmate records in New Jersey.


The same department offers an Offender Search tool, which members of the public may freely use to get official records of inmates in the state.


To use the tool, simply log on to the NJDOC website, locate the offender search tool, provide a few personal details about your subject, and hit search.


an illustration of search bars


Alternatively, if the records are held in county jails in the state, you may visit the websites of the local law enforcement agencies or pay a physical visit to their offices to access inmate records.

Across New Jersey, police departments operate jails in cities, while county sheriffs run jails in counties.

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