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Inmate Search Vermont: How to Find Inmates in the State of Vermont

Inmate Search Vermont: How to Find Inmates in the State of Vermont
August 8, 2022

Correctional facilities (including state prisons and county jails) in Vermont and the records of their inmates are open to the public by law.

According to the Vermont Public Records Act, records of inmates in any of the state's correctional facilities are considered public and are therefore available to members of the public. 

If you're interested in locating an inmate in Vermont, there are official and unofficial ways to accomplish your goal. In this article, we have detailed the most effective ways to locate inmates in Vermont. 

About Vermont Inmate Records

Inmate records contain information (both personal and administrative) about those inmates who are incarcerated in Vermont's prisons and jails.

Information about the inmates, including their ages, biographical details, and dates of arrest, detention, and release, is included in these documents.

Since these documents are open to the public under the Vermont Public Records Act, they can be accessed by members of the public, unless they have been sealed or expunged.

As is the case with most states in the United States, inmate records in Vermont can be accessed through official (typically government agencies) and unofficial (third-party websites) means.

The Vermont Department of Corrections (VT DOC) is the official central repository of inmates’ information in Vermont, and this agency provides an inmate lookup tool on its website.

Unofficially, third-party websites have fantastically detailed inmate databases as well, accessible to members of the public, usually for a fee. The Vermont VINELink service is another third-party platform with inmate information in Vermont.

How to Locate Inmates in Vermont Prisons

The quickest and most convenient way to find inmates currently incarcerated in correctional facilities in Vermont administered by the VT DOC is by performing an inmate search using the inmate search tool on the department’s website.

In addition to details of current inmates, you may also find information about released offenders with this tool.

To use the VT DOC inmate lookup tool, visit the department’s website and locate the Vermont offender search service page (JailTracker).

On this page, you’ll find a list of all current inmates, detainees, and people involved in the state’s court system. If your subject is not on this list, click the search option. In the provided search boxes, type in the first and last name of the inmate in full, then click “search”. 

You can get a list of all Vermont offenders who match the information supplied on the next page. The information displayed consists of the Jacket number, full name, and booking date. 

Additionally, you'll be able to identify what jail, prison, or establishment they are a resident of or reporting to (in the case of probation and parole).

If a mugshot is available, click on a row to see it along with the offender's age, race, details about the parole officer(s), caseworker(s), and the date of release (if applicable).

There is also a section with case numbers and information on the charges. By registering a VTCourtsOnline account, you can access additional information about particular court cases.

Through Third-party Websites

According to the Vermont Public Records Act, inmate records are public records. Third-party websites include these records in their databases, and for a small fee, you may perform inmate searches on their platforms. 

Third-party websites have an extensive collection of public records in their possession, with inmate records, court records, and criminal records featuring in their database.

To find an inmate on these websites, you'll mainly be required to provide the subject's name and last known address (city/state/county).

And if the subject has a criminal conviction in the state other than a juvenile or a special case, it should be found on the website. 

Through Vermont VINELink

The Vermont Automated Notification (VAN) Service helps crime victims and general members of the public access offender status information in real-time.

People who register for this service get notified each time an inmate’s custody status changes. You can also get offender status information even if you do not register for the service.

To register onto the VANS service, or to simply get information about an offender’s custody status, visit the VINELink website and select VT on the map.

Next, click on the “Search and Register” tab, then input the offender’s full last name and partial first name and click “search”. The website will bring up a list of offenders with details that are similar to the information you provided. 

You may register anonymously to receive updates and notifications about inmates. However, you may need to register your name and address if you want to be contacted by the platform on important issues.

In a Nutshell

Finding inmates in Vermont’s correctional facilities is much easier than the odds might suggest, thanks to the Vermont Public Records Act and similar legislation.

Officially, the VT DOC maintains inmate records in the state, although third-party websites also have access to these records.

Whether you’re conducting your search officially or unofficially, you can find inmates in Vermont with the simple click of a button. 

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