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New Jersey License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in New Jersey

New Jersey License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in New Jersey
December 8, 2022

A license plate number, also called a tag, contains details that are crucial to both you and the vehicle. 


A license plate lookup will enable you to identify these details about the automobile and possibly its owner. 

This can be especially useful if you're purchasing a pre-owned vehicle or want to renew your registration. 


In this guide, we shall closely examine what New Jersey license plates are, the details they contain, and how to perform a license plate lookup in New Jersey.

What is a New Jersey License Plate?

A New Jersey license plate displays the official set of digits and letters used in registering a vehicle. 


It is attached to the front and rear sides of the vehicle for identification and tracking purposes. 

However, the state requires only one plate on motorcycles, autocycles, motorized bicycles, and trailers. 


The state of New Jersey follows the official license plate format of "A12-BCD." These plates are vital labels that help in ensuring security against thefts and other criminal activities. 


They also act as critical reference points for obtaining important information in cases of emergencies, such as during a hit-and-run accident. 

New Jersey requires residents to register their vehicles with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) before driving them on New Jersey highways and roads. 

a woman's hand holding a pen over a clipboard with car keys on it


In addition, a motorist must be at least seventeen years of age to register an automobile. 

All kinds of motorized automobiles used for personal and commercial purposes, including cars, limousines, buses, trucks, and trailers, must have a license plate in the state. 


The requirement for license plates is strict, and persons caught driving without a license plate are liable to a fine of up to $100. 

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission issues different types of license plates, including:

* Temporary license plates

* Disability license plates

* Personalized license plates

* Specialty license plates, such as:

* Vintage/classic license plates: These plates are administered to classic and historical vehicles above 25 years, including:

- Street rods
- Classic cars

* Collegiate/alumni license plates: Issued to university students, staff, alumni, and faculty to display school spirit. Examples are:

- Notre Dame
- Penn State
- Rutgers University 

* Local/charitable causes license plates: These license plates are dedicated to special causes in the state; they include:

- Organ donor
- Olympic spirit 
- Liberty Skate Park

* Veteran and military license plates: These plates are issued to persons formerly registered with the United States Military in recognition of their experience, service, and awards. Examples include:

- Navy Cross
- USAF retiree 

a man attaching an license plate to a vehicle

How to Perform a New Jersey License Plate Lookup

Looking up a license plate involves searching for information on a vehicle and its past owner using the vehicle's license plate number and other search tools. 


In addition, interested persons can employ a license plate look to view the owner's criminal driving history, such as records of traffic infractions. 

Conducting a license plate lookup also helps individuals identify valuable information about the vehicle, especially because most sellers and dealerships do not disclose all the details of the car. 

It is, therefore, up to the potential buyer to confirm them. The following information can be obtained while looking up a license plate in New Jersey:

* Weather/natural damage
* Title information 
* Vehicle registration details 
* Limited license plate owner information 
* Recent vehicle inspection details 
* Odometer and mileage readings 
* Driver's criminal history 
* Accident history 
* Vehicle information and description 
* Repossession history 
* Maintenance history 

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is tasked with the registration and renewal of vehicles. The agency maintains an online database of records of cars in the state. Below are steps on how to conduct a license plate lookup on the site:

1. Visit the official website of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission 
2. Click on "online services"
3. Click on "request your driver history abstract"
4. Type in your details, including your user ID number, social security number, driver's license, or ID number
5. Click on "search."

The site will provide you with matching results, including videos and images submitted by the community. 

shutterstock_548152279 (1).jpg


Select matching item(s) and proceed to view your report. The requirement for social security number is in line with Section 13:21-13 of the New Jersey Administrative Code. 


This will be used to avoid mistakes and enforce state and federal laws in collecting motor vehicle details. 

The office is open between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. 


You must also provide a valid email address and credit card. You can also walk in for inquiries at:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission,
PO Box. 160, ,
Trenton, NJ 08666,
Phone: (609) 292-6500

Finally, you can also visit any of the locations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for further inquiries. 


Please be aware that you will be charged for these services depending on the nature of your request.


Looking up a license plate in New Jersey has never been easier. 


Find all you need to know about your potential by running a license plate lookup following the guides above.

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