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VIN Lookup | VIN Lookup Websites | VIN Lookup Online

VIN Lookup | VIN Lookup Websites | VIN Lookup Online
September 5, 2022

Prior to the 1950s, car manufacturers were responsible for providing systems for vehicle identification. However, the high number of differences in vehicle identification allowed fraudsters to establish fake vehicle ownership records and identities. 


This led to the introduction of a standardized system for vehicle identification in 1980 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) comprises 17 unique characters that are used to identify specific vehicles. It contains vital information like the car's manufacturer, engine type, model, manufacturing plant, serial number, etc. 


Moreover, it is a vehicle's fingerprint since no two automobiles have the same VIN codes. 

Before purchasing a vehicle, it is important to conduct a VIN lookup using VIN check websites. This will help you to learn about the vehicle's history, like its accident records, mileage, and whether the car is stolen or illegally modified. 


A VIN lookup can also be used to track thefts, recalls, warranty claims, registration records, and insurance cover. 


vehicle registration form

Top VIN Lookup Websites 


Carfax is one of the most reputable websites for VIN lookups. The site offers reports on vehicles from information compiled from over 100,000 sources. 


Information provided by Carfax includes the vehicle's accident history, full-service history, reported mileage, salvage titles, and much more. 

Carfax is renowned for its huge prices and rarely offers any information free. 


- Adequate information 
- Allows you to search using the license plate number 
- Very reliable reports 


-No free services
-Expensive reports 
-Data can be manipulated by dealerships or customers


a mechanic sitting inside a car with a laptop on his lap


Bumper, like Carfax, does not render free services. Bumper collects histories and records of vehicles from over 22 state departments. 


It also collates data from other companies like towing agencies, insurance firms, salvage auctions, and scrap yards. Information in a Bumper report includes titles, background info, ownership costs, safety recalls, accident and salvage records, the market value of the vehicle, etc. 

However, unlike Carfax, Bumper allows users to perform unlimited VIN checks for an established time frame. This is especially important for persons working at dealerships who need lots of checks on their automobiles. 


- Highly reliable reports 
- Provides the car's estimated market value
- Allows you to search by license plate 
- Sufficient information 


- Costly reports


a man's hand signing forms with car keys and a license plate next to him



ClearVin is another VIN decoder platform that provides its users with reliable data from extensive organizations, including automotive manufacturers, financial companies, government agencies like NMVTIS, and state and local bodies. 


The information included in a ClearVin VIN check includes ownership status, loan check, past possession, and insurance information. Other details contained in a ClearVin report include records on recall, burglary, and repair. 


- Lots of options for paid reports
- They provide vehicle ratings 
- Comprehensive records


- The site is generally slow 
- Lacks updated data compared to other sites like Bumper and Carfax


an illustration of a car with a paper next to it


EpicVin is a reliable platform that provides verified real-time information for a VIN check. The site holds over 40 million vehicle records, including accident records, manufacturing history, title and model, type, and other vehicle specifications. 


In addition, the website collates information from various sources, foremost of which is the NMVTIS, the largest vehicle database in the US. 

The platform's goal is to offer affordable, comprehensive vehicle reports. You can access free information like the vehicle's last report, odometer reading, selling price, engine type and last known country. 


However, if you wish to get a comprehensive report on the vehicle, you will be required to pay for a full report. Paid information includes ownership history, salvage title, open recalls, etc. 


- Affordable subscription plans 
- You can receive the information before paying for the whole report


- Limited free information 
- The site is difficult to navigate 


a man inside a car holding a card

VIN Check Info

If you are looking for a free VIN lookup, then VIN Check Info is the best for you! You don't need to spend anything to access information from the site. 


It offers lots of valuable information like your vehicle's history, theft records, impounding and towing records, vehicle specifications, fuel efficiency, market value, warranties, recalls and defects, sales transactions, etc. 

The site also provides you with a complete chart that predicts the cost of ownership of your car for the coming years, helping you plan your budget. However, while you can obtain various details on your vehicle from the site, you won't be able to access as much information as you would for paid services. 

Regardless, it remains a viable platform for obtaining first-hand information before buying the vehicle. 



- Access to free VIN data

- Free estimate of car ownership 

- Theft History 


- Lack of comprehensive report option

Other sites you can visit for a comprehensive VIN lookup include:

- AutoCheck
- AutoDNA
- CarProof
- VinPit
- VINFreeCheck


car keys on a computer keyboard



VIN lookup allows prospective owners to obtain detailed reports on their selected vehicles. This removes the risks of getting a faulty or fraudulent car. 


The websites mentioned above are some of the best platforms to get all information you need about your latest rides. They are easily accessible to any browser; therefore, invest in a quality vehicle by visiting a VIN lookup site today!

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