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Kansas Court Records

Kansas Court Records
Michelle S. June 19, 2022

It is hard to decide whether the fact that hundreds of thousands of cases are held at Kansas courts annually. The proceedings of those cases from the moment the lawsuit was filed are kept in the courthouse physical or electronic databases, called Kansas court records. One could view it as a positive thing due to justice ruling over the injustice. However, it can also be perceived as something negative if we look at the numbers of social unrest and instability causes.

All Kansas court records are kept public unless the judge decides to make them confidential. Usually, confidential Kansas civil court records contain records on juvenile dependency or delinquency or information perceived as harmful to individuals' wellbeing or national safety.

There are two main types of Kansas civil court records: paper-based and electronic. You can run a Kansas court records search with the paper-based Kansas court records by physically arriving at the courthouse. However, if your court offers the possibility of accessing the Kansas court information online, you can either run the Kansas court records search at one of the devices located at the courthouse or by running a Kansas court records search remotely.

Where to run the Kansas court records search?

If you are not sure whether your court provides remote access to Kansas court information, we recommend running the Kansas court search beforehand. You can do this by using the official website of the Judicial Branch of Kansas. Additionally, running a Kansas civil court records search on both governments, and independent platforms are always recommended.

Kansas Judicial Branch Website (

Running a Kansas court records search on the Kansas Judicial Branch website will be helpful for those who want to get all the information about the case. By accessing the website, you would be able to perform a Kansas court search to identify the district courts with online case information. Additionally, there is an option of running the fee-based district court case search. However, it does not allow running a Kansas court records search. However, unlike other online court records processes in other states, it is impossible to ask for the Kansas civil court records without filling out the request form for court records, which would then need to be approved by the judge.

The details you would need to fill out include your first, middle, and last names, contact details, and the description of the Kansas court records you are aiming to obtain. Once you sign the form, you also need to tick to whom you address it: Kansas Supreme Court, Kansas Court of Appeals, or Kansas County district court. Once your request gets approved, only then would you be able to run the Kansas court records search.

Independent search engine (

In essence, such platforms as are perfect for running a background check on any parties involved. There are various platforms, some are paid, and others are free. All you have to know is the first and last name of the person of your interest and their date of birth. Once you hit "search," you will be able to find the following information:

· Background Records

· Phone Number

· Public Records

· Address Information

· Police & Court Records

· Social Media Accounts & Information

· Marriage & Divorce Records

· Unclaimed Money Database

· Sex Offenders & Their Locations

· Privacy Program

· Mugshots

· Kansas Criminal Court Records

· Kansas Civil Court Records

Who is eligible to run a Kansas court records search?

Considering that only a party in the case has access to both public and confidential court records, we have listed the groups of people below who would be allowed to access Kansas court records upon the request:

· Person Authorized by a Party: or in other words, a person helping a party in the case. A party might assign a person to help them run the Kansas court information search. Only after this authorization will the third party be allowed to request to run the Kansas court information search.

However, this does not apply to electronic Kansas court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records only if the judge states otherwise.

· Court-appointed People, Legal Aid, and Government Staff

All of the parties mentioned above can run Kansas court records search remotely unless stated otherwise by the judge.

Key takeaways: before running the Kansas court records search remotely; you need to file the formal request form. Once it gets approved, you will be able to run the Kansas court records search. Make sure you are eligible to look for the Kansas court information because only the party in the case can access both confidential and public Kansas civil court records. It is better to use multiple platforms to run the Kansas court information search: both government and private independent search engines, to get the most accurate information about the case and the parties involved.

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