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New Hampshire Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In New Hampshire
July 18, 2022

If you run a background check on a person that you do now know very well, you will see their mugshot in your finding, you will be better placed to make a decision about them.


So if you're about to ply this route, here are some tips in form of search channels that should make your job much easier.


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New Hampshire Criminal Records Explained


Simply put, New Hampshire criminal records are official documents that contain and provide information about an individual’s criminal history.


This series of information is mostly gotten from law enforcement agencies and criminal justice departments in New Hampshire.


They detail all the events around a person's interaction with a law enforcement officer, starting from an arrest through to a prosecution and conviction. Criminal records typically contain the following information: 


* The subject's full names, gender, birth date, race

* The suspect’s identifying features, such as fingerprints and a mugshot

* Places where the subject has lived/is living

* The crime they were arrested for

* Personal Information about the subject

* Any pending and acquitted charges

* Date of the offense

* Entered and recorded plea

* Findings from investigation, conviction, or acquittal. 


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What is Required to Obtain Criminal Records in New Hampshire?


You can get access to a person's criminal record at the state’s Department of Safety’s Criminal Record Unit through their Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) platform.


You can request access to the required record by mail or in person. For the latter option, you'll have to stop by the Department of Safety’s public counter. 


An alternative channel to explore is to visit the superior courts nearest to the place where the criminal activity of your subject was recorded and make an on-demand search.


In addition to that, the New Hampshire Judicial Branch operates a website where you can find criminal case information at no cost. 


What Are New Hampshire Arrest Records?


The information on an arrest record revolves around a person's interaction with law enforcement, starting with an arrest. Arrest records differ from criminal records in the sense that they don't always point to a conviction.


And in New Hampshire, law enforcement agencies who are responsible for generating the information in these records may expunge details about a person who's been proven to be innocent of any charge levied against them.


The information in this record mostly includes the personal information of the arrested person, their fingerprints and mugshots, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest, including the place, time, and date. Others include the status of the case and the place where the person is held, pending the outcome of the investigation. 


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Getting Access to Arrest Records In New Hampshire


In New Hampshire, the Criminal Records Unit of the New Hampshire State Police Justice Information Bureau handles the distribution of criminal records.


But because the majority of the county sheriff’s offices and local police departments in New Hampshire keeps copies of their public arrest records, you can approach them to request an arrest search.


They both manage an electronic database of the records that pass through them en route to the Justice Information bureau of the New Hampshire State Police. 


About New Hampshire Inmate Records


The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NH DOC) maintains and administers correctional facilities in the state (including jails, prisons, and other detention facilities), as well as records of inmates in these institutions.


This department is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the correctional institutions and so they have the record of every inmate in their custody. The information contained in their records includes:


* The inmate's full name and aliases.

* Their date of birth, gender, any notable physical features, and other personal information details. 

* Details of their offense, date of incarceration, and potential release date

* The address of the jail, prison, correction center, or any detention facility where the inmate is being held.




Steps for Accessing New Hampshire Inmate Records


The New Hampshire Department of Corrections provides an inmate lookup service through an online web platform. Using this service, you may provide information about the inmate such as their name and age, and you should get a series of search results producing inmate profiles that match your search term.


When you scan through the results and settle on the one you have in mind, you can see important information about the inmate. While you'll surely see their personal information, you may even come across their maximum sentence and the name of the court that secured the condition against them. 


Third-party Websites


Third-party websites have made it possible to access public records without having to cut through the paper tape involved in going through government channels. There are several of these websites around, and they operate similarly, as you'll find out below. 


How Do I Get a Mugshot From Third-party Websites?


Once you visit the website, say, you can quickly enter the name and state of the person you have in mind before clicking on search.  And in a matter of seconds or minutes at most, the results will start streaming out, with each one having probably the same name as your subject. You can scroll down to the exact one or provide the system with extra details to narrow your search, and you should reach your goal in no time. 

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