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Nevada Public Records: How to Perform a Nevada Public Records Search

Nevada Public Records: How to Perform a Nevada Public Records Search
November 13, 2022

The Nevada Public Records Law mandates all government agencies in the state to appoint a designated record custodian to whom residents and nonresidents of the state can submit Nevada public records requests. 


Following that, state agencies have a maximum of five days to respond to requests to access or obtain public records in Nevada.


Interested individuals may request Nevada public records by mail, email, fax, phone, or in person. Requesters do not need to provide an explanation or reason for wanting to access the record.


Having said all of that, the law does not outline a clear administrative appeal option, and people whose record request is denied may have no other option than to file suit.

How to Obtain Nevada Public Records:

Public records in Nevada are routinely made available to the public by designated record custodians affiliated with the particular agency or department responsible for maintaining the documents. 


To get public records in Nevada, formal records requests typically need to be made to the designated record keeper, although verbal requests are also acceptable.


For Nevada public records, both oral and written requests are permissible. 

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You can mail or personally deliver written requests. Requesters who want to submit their Nevada public records requests in person need to contact the target office beforehand for forms, applicable fees, and acceptable hours.


Public documents in Nevada can also be accessed by the general public through the online databases of some state departments and agencies. 


Third-party websites also offer a convenient option for accessing public records in Nevada online.

Nevada Public Records: Vital Records

Vital records in Nevada are public records unless they are sealed by the record subjects. 


Sealed or confidential vital records may only be accessed by the record subjects and those listed on the record, members of their immediate family, their legal representatives, and people with a court order authorizing their request.


Requesters seeking to obtain a certified copy of a Nevada vital record will be required to submit proof of their identification as well as evidence of their relationship with the record subjects.

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Nevada Public Records Search: Vital Records

Marriage and divorce records in Nevada are stored and maintained by the county courts where the event took place. 


Court clerks are the designated record custodians to whom requesters must submit public records search requests. 


Anyone interested in obtaining divorce or marriage records in Nevada may request the record custodian in person or by mail. 


In their request, they must provide all the information necessary to facilitate a search. They may also be required to cover appropriate request fees.


For birth and death records, requesters may make an in-person visit to the Office of Vital Records of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) during business hours. 


Interested individuals can also send a mail-in request by sending the appropriate request form along with valid proof of identity to:


Office of Vital Records,
4150 Technology Way, Suite 104,
Carson City, NV

Nevada Public Records: Criminal Records

It is important to note that although there are some differences between jurisdictions in the procedure for obtaining and maintaining criminal records, most of Nevada's criminal records are collected and maintained by the Nevada Department of Public Safety. 


Criminal Background Reports, which provide public information on criminal records, can be obtained through these depositories. For a criminal history record or notice of the absence of one, members of the public may apply in person or by mail.

a man's finger being fingerprinted

Nevada Public Records Search: Criminal Records

Individuals interested in obtaining criminal records in Nevada must send an in-person or mail-in request to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History. 


To do this, they must fill out a criminal history records request form and attach payment for the record as well as a fingerprint card, then send the application to:


Department of Public Safety,
Records, Communication, and Compliance Division,
333 West Nye Lane,
Carson City, NV

Nevada Public Records: Court Records

There are a few fairly common exceptions, but most Nevada court documents can be accessed by the public online. Per the Nevada Open Records Act, Nevada court records are to be made available to the public on request.

Nevada Public Records Search: Court Records

Accessing court records in Nevada begins with finding the court where the records are kept. 


Records of court matters are typically maintained and disseminated by the court clerks in the state. 


To obtain court records, a requester can contact the Clerk of the Court where the lawsuit was filed. There are several options available for requesting court records, including in person, by mail, by email, and online. 


Requesters need to know that procedures for obtaining Nevada court records may vary from county to county and court to court.

petition to file for divorce lying next to a gavel, a pen and a name sign that reads judge

Nevada Public Records: Inmate Records

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) maintains records of offenders held in correctional facilities in the state. 


These inmate records provide personal information about the offender, as well as details relating to their offense and conviction.

Nevada Public Records Search: Inmate Records

The Nevada Department of Corrections' website offers public access to free inmate records through its offender search tool. 


When using this tool to locate an offender in jail, the requester must provide pertinent information about the criminal, such as their state-assigned ID or full name.

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