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Arizona Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Arizona

Arizona Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Arizona
October 4, 2022

Arizona attained statehood on 14th February 1912, becoming the 48th state admitted into the contiguous states. 


Arizona is the sixth largest state by territory with over 114,000 square miles and the 14th most populous state with over 7 million residents. 


The state is divided into 15 counties and over 91 cities. 

Arizona began collecting public records in 1863, and these records contain information from the state's 15 counties. 


According to Arizona Public Records Law, arrest records are public documents in Arizona and are accessible to members of the public. 


They are official documents containing an offender's arrest history and other information surrounding the arrest. 

Arizona arrest records are created following the apprehension of a person for violating the state's criminal laws and include details such as the subject's name, physical description, booking information, type of offense, details of the interrogation, etc. 

Arizona state flag with handcuffs on it

Persons That Can Access Arizona Arrest Records

According to the Arizona Supreme Court Rule 123 and the state's Public Records Law, every interested person can apply for arrest records in Arizona. 


Arizona arrest records remain on file, and unlike other states in the U.S, Arizona does not permit the complete erasure or deletion of arrest records, even when such arrests do not lead to convictions or charges. 


The following persons can access Arizona arrest records:

* Employers
* Attorneys 
* Insurance firms 
* Offenders or subjects of the arrests
* Victims 
* Law enforcement agencies 

Juvenile arrest records are available to selected agencies, such as criminal justice agencies and their employees. 


However, beyond the selected bodies, juvenile arrest records are only accessible to court-authorized persons applying on a need-to-know basis. 

Additionally, the state's laws provide that arrest records be removed from public access where it amounts to a breach of confidentiality or unwarranted invasion of the offender's privacy. 


Finally, while Arizona arrest records are accessible to the public, Arizona laws provide that evidence of arrest for the commission of misdemeanor and felony is not a ground for occupational license denial. 

a man's handcuffed hands behind his back

How to Find Arrest Records in Arizona 

Arizona is an open-record state, meaning that residents of the state can access arrest records upon application to the relevant agencies. The following are methods used in finding Arizona arrest records:

Finding Arrest Records Through the Arizona Department of Public Safety 

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is one of the central repositories of arrest records in the state. 


The department's Public Records Units processes all requests for public records. 


Interested persons can submit their applications in writing or online via the Public Services Portal to look up their arrest records. 


In-person or physical applications can also be submitted at the following addresses:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
Public Service Center
2222 West Encanto Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85009
The department also entertains arrest record applications via fax or mail, and you can submit such applications through:
Department of Public Safety
Attention PRU MD3240
P.O. Box 6638
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638
Fax: (602) 223-2945

If the applicant intends to use the arrest records for commercial or business purposes, such person must include a detailed statement outlining the commercial uses of the record. 


Most commercial requests are typically from third-party people search websites like TruthFinder, Spokeo, PeopleSearchNow, etc. 

Applicants must also pay the fee or charges set by laws. The Public Records Unit sends out invoices to applicants, and payment is made using a check or money order. 


The timeline for processing an application is usually 30 days. 

The timeline might be longer if the arrest record has been archived, is involved in an active investigation, or includes a considerable amount of data. 


For further inquiries, you can reach out to the Public Records Unit at (602) 223-2345.

handcuffs on a sheet of fingerprints

Finding Arrest Records in Arizona Via the Local Law Enforcement Agency 

Another technique you can use to find Arizona arrest records is visiting the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. This usually includes the local county sheriff's office or police department. 

The clerk at the local law enforcement agency's office will hand you a form you are to fill out. 


You would be required to provide details such as your full name, contact information, and phone number. 


You will also have to supply specific details about the offender, such as their booking number, social security number, full name, etc. 

Some law enforcement agencies allow online requests to be made using their websites. For instance, Pima County offers online, mail, phone, and onsite services to persons looking for arrest records. 


You can visit their website for your application or in person at the following address:

110 W Congress St, 
Rm 241 Tucson, AZ 85701

Persons looking to run background checks on Arizona arrest records for potential employees must contact the Criminal History Records section of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. 


The division only provides arrest records to authorized entities. The applicant will be required to provide fingerprints using the approved format and reasons backed by the state's laws for record requests. 

the top of a police car

Finding Arizona Arrest Records Through the Judiciary Branch 

Arizona's judiciary maintains a publicly available case search tool that allows requestors to obtain arrest records. 


However, not every state offers this search tool, and not all states contribute to the database. 


Applications can be made via mail, phone, or in person. You will be required to pay for your search at a cost determined by the particular court in question. 

The Arizona Supreme Court recently launched an online portal known as eAccess to allow access to documents and case records that are open to every member of the public. 


The platform is accessible to government workers, litigants, the media, attorneys, and members of the public. Services are offered at a fee and available 24/7. 


Finding arrest records in Arizona has never been easier. As an open-record state, Arizona's public records are available to members of the public. 


Interested applicants can utilize any of the procedures listed above to find Arizona arrest records. 

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