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Nevada License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Nevada

Nevada License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Nevada
December 8, 2022

Before driving a vehicle on the road in Nevada, you must have registered it and be given a license plate number. 


Nevada license plate numbers act as vehicle identifying numbers and can be used to research the history of any Nevada-registered car. 

New residents of Nevada must register their automobiles in the state within 30 days of establishing residency. 


Except for motorcycles and trailers, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle supplies two plates, and vehicles are required by state laws to show both license plates (front and rear). 

However, motorcycles and trailers only need one plate, which must be displayed on the vehicle's back. 


Meanwhile, registration decals with the registration expiration date are placed on the upper right-hand corner of the back plate.

In Nevada, the standards for license plates state that they must be seen in daylight from a distance of 100 feet. 


In addition, plates must be visible from a distance of 110 feet at night when illuminated by conventional headlights. 

Rear plates must carry a decal showing the expiry month and year, according to Nevada Revised Statutes Section 482.270. 


In Nevada, registration decals with the month and year of expiration are put in the upper right-hand corner of the rear license plate.

The Nevada DMV issues ordinary license plates and specialty plates to Nevada vehicle owners who can also be personalized. 


In Nevada, individuals and businesses are issued license plates, not vehicles. As such, a vehicle owner can transfer their license plate from one vehicle to the other.

a man handing over car keys to another man

How Can I Get a Nevada License Plate? 

In Nevada, you need to register your vehicle with the state's DMV to get a license plate for your vehicle. There are two classes of registering a vehicle in Nevada:

Vehicle bought from a dealer in Nevada: For this registration class, the overall process can be done using the Nevada Online Vehicle Registration Tool. The following documents are then required:

1. Completed Vehicle Registration form (VP 222)
2. Proof of Insurance 
3. Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report
4. Electronic Dealer Report of Sale
5. Odometer reading testament

Vehicles bought from a dealer outside Nevada: The application process must be completed at the Nevada DMV office with the following requirements:

1. Completed Vehicle Registration form (VP 222)
2. VIN Inspection
3. Proof of Insurance obtained in the state
4. Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report
5. Odometer reading testament
6. Invoice of Bill of Sale
7. Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin

For other forms of acquisition of vehicles in the state, such as family sales, gifts, or private sales, the Nevada DMV provides the requirements for such registration. 


All registration forms require payment of registration fees, and applicants are to use the online fee estimate tool for payment. 

Below are the contact details of the Nevada DMV for application processing issues:

555 Wright Way,
Carson City, NV 89711-0725,
Mail address: [email protected]

a blank license plate on a car

How to Lookup a Nevada License Plate?

The Nevada License Plate lookup is an efficient process that helps retrieve necessary information about a vehicle of interest. 


Below are ways to conduct a license plate lookup in Nevada:

The first and most effective approach is to visit the Nevada DMV office to officially make a request for the vehicle records, provided you have the vehicle license plate number. 


You can reach the Nevada DMV at the address earlier cited above.

Another alternative to accessing the needed Nevada vehicle information is to hire a private detective to find the vehicle using the license plate number. 


It is far more expensive than the first choice, but it is occasionally necessary if all other options have been exhausted.

A final option is to employ public vehicle record resources and databases that are available online. 


These websites provide you with the needed vehicle records from different governmental agencies' repositories. 


All you need is the full plate number of the vehicle. 

a finger touching a car's license plate

How to Renew My Nevada License Plate?

According to Assembly Bill 484, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles renews license plates every eight years through a program known as "rolling reissue," which began in July 2016. 


Therefore, a Nevada license plate is only valid for eight years from the date of purchase. 

Replacement license plates will have the same serial number as the originals. Plates that have "Sunset" backgrounds get changed into backgrounds with "Home Means". 


However, specialty plates get to keep their design. Almost all replacement plates will have embossed text.

Renewal of vehicle registration can be done online, in person, or at DMV kiosks. 


You must book an appointment with the Nevada DMV in Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas, or Reno to register in person. 


The DMV website also lists the locations of local DMV offices. 

Renewal can also be completed at a County Assessor office in Nevada that provides car registration and renewal services. 


In addition, a list of the forms required for renewal is accessible on the DMV website's registration renewal page.


Suppose you own a motor vehicle in Nevada or are thinking of getting one. 


In that case, looking up a license plate in Nevada is very important before you make the purchase to have the necessary information about the vehicle.

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