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Oregon Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Oregon

Oregon Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Oregon
July 18, 2022

If you’re looking for someone’s mugshot in Oregon, the state’s arrest records, criminal records, and inmate records are the most logical places on which your search can be based.


Luckily, thanks to the Oregon Public Records Law, these records are public records and you can get access to them without having to experience any serious exertion.


In this article, we’ve discussed all the ways of finding mugshots in the state of Oregon.


a sheet of paper with fingerprints on it


Arrest Records in Oregon


Arrest records in Oregon are as good a place as any to begin your search for mugshots in the state.


An overview of the subject's arrest history, in addition to their personal information, can be found in Oregon arrest records.


They reveal whether a person has been interrogated, arrested, or held while an investigation into a misdemeanor, crime, or other offense is underway. However, arrest records in Oregon do not prove guilt.


What to Do to Get Access to Arrest Records in Oregon


With a few exceptions, the general public has access to copies of arrest records. In Oregon, access to arrest records may be constrained for active cases.


Additionally, records may be sealed for reasons of public safety or when subjects are demonstrably innocent.


Arrest records in Oregon may be obtained by paying a physical visit to the office of the arresting agency or law enforcement department.


Be aware that those who want an arrest record would need to pay for the cost of duplicating the documents. Having said that, these charges are often minimal.


It is feasible to obtain a free arrest record, but the requester must either use internet databases or ask the custodian of the record for a cost waiver.


There are extremely few databases that offer free arrest records. However, arrest records from these platforms may contain inaccuracies or be incomplete.


a gavel on a sheet of paper that reads crime history record


Criminal Records in Oregon


Criminal records in Oregon are detailed repositories of offenders’ information, making them an excellent source of mugshots.


Criminal records inquiries are typically directed to the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the Oregon State Police, which serves as the state's primary repository for criminal records.


How to Get Access to Oregon Criminal Records


The official record custodian for criminal records in Oregon is the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division.


This organization receives and processes public requests for criminal records. There are typically three methods for obtaining criminal histories from the CJIS. One is that an interested person may go in person or write a request to the CJIS office.


However, conducting a criminal record check online is the quickest way to get a criminal record.


The Open Records platform allows users to search for criminal records online. A name-based criminal records search on oneself or another person can be done there by anyone interested.


Each search for a person's criminal history costs $10. A personal criminal history search, however, costs $33. You have the choice of receiving the report electronically or by regular mail.


You’ll need to fill out the relevant request form if you prefer in-person or mail inquiries. For both personal and third-party criminal history searches, the CJIS offers various request forms.


On getting the form, you may then proceed to make the necessary payment through money order or check. After that, you may deliver the application packet to the CJIS in person or by US mail, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


a magnifying glass on a sheet of fingerprints


On average, from the date of receipt, a criminal record request can take up to fourteen (14) working days to be processed.


Due to the CJIS's obligation to inform the third person who is the subject of the criminal record request, this processing time is necessary.


If a third party does not contest the veracity of the criminal record, the CJIS will handle the request per the volume of submissions. This processing time must therefore be taken into account by requesters who want to send in their requests.

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Oregon Inmate Records


Another great resource for finding mugshots of those who have spent time in any of the state's correctional facilities is to look through Oregon's inmate records.


In Oregon, inmate records include both the personal information of the prisoner, their current location, date of incarceration, expected release date, and other details. You may access these records by searching the state’s online inmate lookup database. 


How to Access Oregon Inmate Records


Inmate records in Oregon are compiled and maintained by the state’s Department of Corrections.


The Oregon Department of Corrections provides an inmate lookup tool that makes it easy for anyone to obtain records of prisoners incarcerated in any of the state’s correctional facilities. 


There are no restrictions on searches, and anyone is free to conduct inmate searches in Oregon.


Simply log on to the state's DOC website and provide the necessary information to search the ODOC's online inmate lookup database.


When you click the search button, a page detailing the inmate's personal information and administrative facts about their crime and incarceration will appear.

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